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Get Technical: How to Photograph Toddlers

The technical aspects of shooting portraits of toddlers and kids. Lights, aperture, shutterspeed and lenses.


Get Ready: 10 Tips for Photographing Toddlers

10 tips for photographers to get better pictures of toddlers.


MCP Photography and Editing Challenges: Highlights from this Week

  This week we introduced a new photo challenge on the MCP Shoot Me Facebook page. This week’s challenge is to capture emotion with a single shot.  We loved seeing everyone’s work on this theme, the range of emotions and techniques used to capture it were amazing!  Here are a few of the team’s favorites…


How to Edit Butterfly Images in Photoshop

I love photographing wildlife. Butterfly images are so amazing and colorful. Learn how to edit your butterfly photos in Photoshop now.


How to Use Newborn Necessities Actions for Cute Kids Images

How to make your images stand out from the crowd using Newborn Necessities.


MCP Photography and Editing Challenge: Highlights from this Week

  Do you like to swim in the shallow end of the photography focal length pool? Do you wish for creamy, blurry backgrounds that seem to make your subject pop? Do you dial down to f1.4 or f2 to achieve it? Is it a detriment to the quality of your photos? This week we introduced a…


MCP Photography and Editing Challenge: Highlights from this Week

Love is in the editing with this week’s gorgeous challenge photo shot by Christine Sines. Near perfect straight from the camera, this week we challenged you to utilize your favorite MCP actions and presets to enhance this photo. Here is the challenge shot. The photo editing challenge gives you a chance to edit other photographer’s images, share…


Magically Add Detail to Photos: A Photoshop Step By Step Tutorial

Use Photoshop actions to magically make your photos come alive. Learn how in this step-by-step tutorial.


The NEW Photoshop CC: Is It The Best Choice For Photographers?

Photoshop CC is now available. See what’s new and learn if you should upgrade to Photoshop Creative Cloud.


How to Edit Newborn Photos in Photoshop

This blueprint will teach you how to edit newborn photos and retouch skin using MCP Newborn Necessities Photoshop actions.


How to Change the Color of an Object in Photoshop

If you want to change the color of an object in Photoshop, it can be easy. It just takes a little preparation and editing – here’s how.


Retouching in Photoshop: Sharper Eyes, Smoother Skin, Better Color

If you want to learn to do retouching in Photoshop, start by watching this step-by-step video tutorial.


Using Photoshop Actions to Bring Out Beautiful Spring Color

Using a variety of Photoshop actions and techniques can really draw out color in a landscape and enhance the spring colors.


Enter to Win a Tamron Lens 24-70 2.8 VC for Canon, Nikon, or Sony

Here’s your chance to win a Tamron 24-70 lens with image stability – for your Canon, Nikon or Sony SLR.


How to Use Photoshop Actions To Add Golden Light

This image has been a popular one on our site for years and I often get asked how to accomplish the edit and how to add the golden light using Photoshop Actions. Here’s a step-by-step Blueprint for Photoshop and PS Elements – to help you achieve this look using MCP Fusion Photoshop Actions. Thank you…


What Photoshop Actions To Buy To Edit Wildlife Photography

What Photoshop Actions To Buy To Edit Wildlife Photography As I mentioned in last week’s edit, I love photographing wildlife.  My go to lens is the Canon 70-200 2.8 IS through I am hoping Canon will release a new version of the 100-400 (and I will have my name on a wait list).  While I never…


MCP Editing and Photography Challenges: Highlights from this Week.

This week’s editing challenge photo features a darling cutie captured by Jennifer Moses. Here is the original shot: Several of members of the group have shared great edits. Here are a few of the many favorites:  Edited by Amber Bullock Owens with MCP Fusion  Edited by Amy MagnetGirl Edited by Carrie Smith Flanagan Edited by Irene…


How To Edit Wildlife Photos Quickly With Photoshop Actions

How To Edit Wildlife Photos Quickly With Photoshop Actions Background and Gear In the past year, I have discovered a photography LOVE: photographing wildlife.  When I traveled to Australia and then Alaska in 2012, I discovered my love for taking pictures of whales, kangaroos, and bears. Show me any creature roaming around in the woods…


MCP Photography and Editing Challenge: Highlights from this Week

  This week’s photography challenge is all about getting in shape; no spandex, push-ups or gym time required. As a matter of fact, the goal is not symmetry or perfect form, but interesting angles and shapes. This week the MCP Shoot Me Group challenge is to practice manipulating shapes; finding new ways to group things,…


Enhance Portraits Quickly And Professionally With Photoshop Actions

In a few clicks and you can enhance portraits quickly. Find out how we do it now.


Celebrate Spring: Four Seasons Photoshop Actions on Sale (Up to $50 Off)

To Celebrate Spring, MCP Four Seasons Photoshop Actions are on Sale To celebrate the start of Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere (and Autumn in the Souther Hemisphere), we are having a sale on the Four Seasons Action Set for Photoshop and Elements. Great Deal: Save $15 on any individual season action set (choose from Spring…


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