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Project 52



Love or Leap – February in Review!

Thanks to everyone who took the leap this month and participated in Project 12! The Project 12 Team was impressed at the range of interpretations of the themes.  The images were fabulous, which made it close to impossible to pick only a few favorites. Some of these were favorites from the first time I saw…


MCP Project 52: The Final Week

We made it!  3965 members, 15,398 photos and 52 weeks later we have reached the end of MCP Project 52.  It is New Years Eve and what a perfect time to look back over our 52 weeks together and celebrate what made this project so special.  This week we want to focus on some of…


MCP Project 52: Week 51 Featured – Week 52 Launch

Happy Holidays! This thread was written and selected in advance due to the fact that a lot of us are celebrating/taking time to spend with our families. The top 10 for this week were chosen based on a thread on Flickr where participants were able to nominate others and share their favorite photo from this…


MCP Project 52: Week 50 Featured – Week 51 Launch

Guess you all are busy with preparing things for the holidays. Looking for recipes to cook, searching for words to write on the Christmas card, listening to Christmas songs. Telling your (grand)children about Santa Claus, decorating the tree and your house and much more.  Christmas is a time to spend with your loved ones. But…


MCP Project 52 :: Week 49 Featured – Week 50 Launch

I think I said it back in the middle of the summer, but doing the Project 52 has made me realize how fast this year has flow.  Now it has really hit me.  We are coming into week 50 which means 2 weeks until Christmas and 3 until we ring in the new year.  Hard…


MCP Project 52: week 48 re-cap and introducing week 49

Twinkle, twinkle…. little stars that you all are! So impressive to see how many people have their Christmas trees up already! Plenty of wonderful glimmering bokeh-licious images in the pool this week. But it isn’t just the Christmas lights that twinkle as many of you have shown too. I saw some frosty ones too. Seems…


Project 52 Recap of Week 47 & Launch of Week 48

Water water everywhere, well all over our MCP P52 Flickr group at least!  Looks like everyone had a lot of fun with this theme, it makes me so happy when I see our themes inspire you to take out your camera and shoot. There was so much variety I struggled this week just to choose…


MCP Project 52 Recap Week 46 + Introduction to Week 47

It’s always good to see what you are all contributing in this P52 group. Over the top was last weeks subject. And wow you all did something creative with this subject. Like Haleigh I 1st thought about the movie with Silvester Stallone in 1987. Time flies. While on a short break in Curaçao last week, I…


MCP Project 52 :: Recap Week 44 – Launch Week 45

It’s hard to believe that we are in the beginning of November and 44 weeks into this.  Doing weekly projects like this make the year go by even fast then what it normally feels like. Muted tones had so many interpretations that it was great seeing what everyone came up with.  Everyone has really stepped outside the…


MCP Project 52 Week 42 recap & launch of Week 43

  Did someone say Week 42?  Yup we are here already, getting very close to the end of our 2011 Project 52 so hang on in there if taking photos every week is getting hard and pop into our Flickr group to get yourself a little bit of inspiration. This week people have been sharing…


MCP Project 52 Recap Week 41 and Introduction to Week 42

Week 41! Can you believe it? With only 11 weeks to go I have been so thrilled as I’ve looked through the selection of photos. It seems as though this project has really stretched you all and enhanced your photography skills. The selection is just AMAZING! I am in awe of what you all have…


MCP Actions :: Recap Week 40 – Launch Week 41

Here we are.  Week 40.  Guest blogging really makes me realize how fast the year is flying by.  I don’t even want to think that the holidays are literally right around the corner. This past week being ‘vintage’, there were so many different views it was great.  From cars to toys to kids, it was…


Week 39 Recap + Week 40 Launch – Project 52

The seasons are racing on and here in England summer has now given way to Autumn and it has been a glorious week of rustic colours, blue skies and soft golden light.  For those in the southern hemisphere people are saying goodbye to winter and welcoming spring with all the promise that brings.  I just…


Project 52: Week 38 recap – Launch Week 39

It’s in the eyes. Do you remember? Do you remember when you looked into the eyes of your girlfriend/boyfriend and felt the butterflies? Eyes are the mirror to the soul. Eyes are also a subject to write a song about. Who doesn’t remember the cha cha cha Can’t take my eyes on of you? And…


Project 52: Week 37 recap – Launch Week 38

It’s pretty momentous that a couple of fellow participants are your guest bloggers today. Surprise, it’s Catherine Cella and Daphne Ellenburg! In photography, it’s easy to get in a rut of photographing the same thing over and over. It doesn’t even feel like a rut because you’re honing your skills and improving on your favorite…


Project 52: Week 36 recap – Launch Week 37

Hello! My name is Jenna Friedman and I am one of the “9 year old” twins my mom, Jodi, always posts about. I am excited to be the guest judge for this week’s MCP Project 52. I loved all of your pictures.  They are unique.  It was very hard to choose the winners for this…


Project 52: Week 35 recap – Launch Week 36

Can you believe it?  Here we are in Week 35, going into 36!  It has totally flown by and with almost 3800 members, I’m sure you would all agree with me too. Lazy.  Going through this week’s submissions made me feel lazy.  Seeing the kids laying in the grass, some people sleeping and the pets…

Week 34Connections

Week 34 re-cap and introduction theme week 35

And another week just raced on by. Is it me or is time speeding up? Not to worry though as yet still more  people are getting connected with MCP Project 52. The number of members in our group is still slowly increasing. I wonder if we could reach 5,000 by the end of the year?…


Week 33 Recap + Week 34 Launch – Project 52

Get inspired and join thousands of photographers worldwide in our 52 week journey.

See last week’s picks for “Slow Down & Look Back” and find out what the Week 34 theme is going to be.


Week 32 Recap – Launch of Week 33 – Project 52

My favorite time of the day. We all have a different favorite time of the day. Going through this weeks contribution I saw a lot of different favorite times of the day passing by. From the 1st cup of coffee in the morning in a quiet house when everyone else is still asleep, to a…


Week 31 re-cap & introduction of week 32 theme – Project 52

Looks like there have been a lot of people this week with their eyes cast upward. Who knew that something we often take for granted because it is in our life every day could have so many different ‘looks’. And that’s just the actual sky in all it’s natural glory. There were also plenty of…


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