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CENTR camera records 360-degree panoramic 4K videos


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CENTR is a new camera that records 360-degree panoramic videos at 4K resolution and it is available right now on Kickstarter.

Working for Apple is surely an interesting experience. Moreover, you can use that experience to further your career and this is exactly what Bill Banta has done. He is now the CEO of CENTR Camera, a company that is mostly composed of people who have worked for Apple in the past.

Bill Banta and his team have created CENTR, a camera with a design inspired by a doughnut, but one that has a unique skill set. The device is capable of recording videos at 4K resolution with a field-of-view of 360 degrees. However, in order to become a reality, the company must meet the Kickstarter goal by May 30.

centr-camera CENTR camera records 360-degree panoramic 4K videos News and Reviews

The CENTR camera may look like a doughnut, but it is actually a great device that records panoramic videos at 4K resolution as well as 20-megapixel panoramic time-lapses.

CENTR camera captures 360-degree panoramic videos at 4K resolution

The CENTR camera is a lightweight camera, weighing under 250 grams / 9 ounces. It consists of four image sensors that record videos at full HD resolution and 60fps frame rate.

In order to create 4K panoramic movies, the device will stitch together the incoming footage from all four cameras. However, if you want to shoot just one video from a single camera, then you can select the sensor you want.

Composing the shots is done with the help of WiFi, as the camera needs to be connected to a smartphone. This can be done with ease and it will allow users to frame their shots perfectly.

Once you are done recording, the videos can be uploaded on an interactive website as well as directly on your mobile phone.

This doughnut-shaped camera also records beautiful panoramic time-lapse videos

If you are not a fan of videography, then maybe you like selfies. The CENTR camera allows users to capture the ultimate selfies at a quality of 20 megapixels.

Nevertheless, this new camera can also be programmed to capture 360-degree panoramic time-lapse videos. CENTR opens up a huge number of creative possibilities, leaving users to decide what to do with the camera.

The device features a splash-proof construction, meaning that you do not have to worry about moisture and water droplets. However, if you want it to be fully-waterproof, then you will have to pledge more than $199 to the cause and a waterproof casing will be supplied for free.

Meeting the Kickstarter goal

One of the major challenges of Bill Banta and his team consists of reaching the goal on Kickstarter in due time. The project must be funded by May 30 and its goal has been set at a staggering $900,000.

So far, more than $495,000 have been pledged, therefore if you want this camera, then you should head over to its Kickstarter page right now and secure a unit.

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