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Photographer hides in trash can for surprise proposal photos


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Photographer Chance Faulkner has hidden in a trash can in order to capture the best photos possible for a surprise proposal prepared by Adam for his now-fiancée Bailey.

Although some people say that romance and chivalry are dead, there are other people who are preparing surprise proposals for their significant others.

Sometimes the answer might be “no”, but perfect love stories still exist out there and the proposals need to be captured on camera in order to last a lifetime.

Such is the case of Adam and Bailey, the former proposing to the latter at the Riverview Park and Zoo in Peterborough, Ontario. Bailey said “yes” and now the couple is preparing for a life of filled with wonderful things.

Photographer Chance Faulkner hid in a trash can to capture the perfect surprise proposal photos

Beside the marriage proposal, Adam has had another surprise for Bailey. Enter Chance Faulkner, a photographer who went to great lengths to capture the perfect surprise proposal photos.

These “great lengths” consist of hiding into a trash can, so that Bailey would not see him taking photos and spoiling the surprise.

Everything went as planned and Chance got the images he and his client wanted, while Adam’s fiancée was very amused by the photographer’s hiding spot.

The wedding between the two will take place sometime in 2015 and our team wants to wish them all the best!

Adam’s now-fiancée, Bailey, did not suspect a thing

The story of the surprise proposal photos begins with Adam telling Bailey that they are going on a date with Chance Faulkner and possibly his partner, which was nothing out of the ordinary.

The photographer called to tell them they were late. In reality, they used this time in order to find a hiding spot and what better one than a trash can?

Chance remained hidden for the entire process and captured the proposal between these two love birds. After Adam disclosed the hiding location of Chance, Bailey burst out laughing and she started to make pictures of her own.

It appears that Bailey did not suspect a thing, possibly because she did not expected that a harmless trash can actually consisted of someone trying to get photos of her.

Either way, this is another testimony that photography plays a major role in anybody’s life. Adam and Bailey will always be grateful that one of the most important days of their lives has been captured on camera.

About photographer Chance Faulkner

Chance Faulkner is a professional Canadian photographer who specializes in wedding and engagement photography types.

His passion is to capture stories that have to be shared, stories filled with emotion that will make you feel better on a bad day.

Chance’s portfolio is quite impressive, so you really need to take a closer look at his official website.

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