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Cheaper Sony NEX-FF camera price near the prices of Canon 6D and Nikon D600


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The cheaper version of the upcoming pair of Sony NEX-FF cameras is rumored to be priced around the same amount as the original valuation of the Canon 6D and Nikon D600.

Trusted sources have leaked information about new cameras from Sony that will feature a full frame image sensor and E-mount lens support. Up until now, the Japanese company has only made A-mount shooters with full frame sensors, if it were not to take into consideration a particular E-mount camcorder.

Cheap Sony NEX-FF camera to be priced around $2,000

No matter how you decide to classify these cameras, one thing is obvious: Sony will introduce two NEX devices with full frame sensors. One of them will definitely be aimed at the higher-end market and will feature a NEX-7-based design. Its price will revolve around $3,000.

Now, the rumor mill has managed to get a hold of the cheaper Sony NEX-FF. It appears that this shooter will cost around $2,000 and there is a good reason for that.

nikon-d600-and-canon-6d Cheaper Sony NEX-FF camera price near the prices of Canon 6D and Nikon D600 Rumors

Nikon D600 and Canon 6D cameras are preparing for a new rival: the cheap Sony NEX-FF, a shooter which will be priced around $2,000.

Entry-level Sony full frame E-mount camera to compete against Canon 6D and Nikon D600

The PlayStation maker will aim to compete against the entry-level devices from Canon and Sony. The EOS 6D has been priced at $1,999 at launch, while the D600 has been sold for $2,099.95 one year ago.

The good news is that $2,000 is a fairly acceptable price for a full frame camera, especially one which is rumored to pack a big-megapixel sensor.

The bad news is that both Canon and Nikon have dropped the prices of their devices, especially the latter. The EOS 6D is available for $1,895 at Amazon, while the same retailer is selling the D600 for $1,827.88.

There is a good reason why the D600 is about $270 less than its price at launch: the D610 will replace the current-generation camera, in order to fix some issues with its shutter and on-sensor dust accumulation.

High-end Sony NEX-FF coming this October, cheaper version in doubt

The rumor mill is still struggling to find out more details about the cheaper Sony NEX-FF camera. Its specs and exact launch date continue to elude its curious eyes. As a result, it is still unclear whether or not the camera will have a built-in viewfinder and if it is coming alongside its more expensive sibling.

It is worth noting that the higher-end full frame E-mount shooter will be “definitely” launched this October. However, the announcement date of the cheaper model remains unknown to us.

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