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Children facing bedroom monsters in “Terreurs” photo series


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Photographer Laure Fauvel is the author of an interesting photo project, called “Terreurs”, which depicts children fighting bedroom monsters right before they go to sleep.

The biggest fear as a child is instilled by darkness. Kids fear the unknown, which also involves things that may or may not be under their beds. You could not have known whether there was something waiting under your bed to take you away as a child, so you simply wanted to fall asleep faster.

Kids’ imagination runs wild and some of you may have even fought a monster or two during your childhood. Photographer Laure Fauvel explores this idea and brings the monsters to life in the “Terreurs” photography series, which is the French word for “terrors”.

Kids bravely facing their monsters under the bed in the “Terreurs” photo project

All children have had nightmares and they have had to face them. However, most youngsters will ask their parents to leave the lights on or to stay with them until they fall asleep. This way, the parents can protect them from the evil monsters in the closet or under the bed.

If you somehow wake up and you find yourself alone, then you will probably position yourself under the bedsheets while praying the fiends cannot see you there. However, Laure Fauvel shows us that there is a different way to deal with these evildoers.

In her cleverly-manipulated photos, the children are fighting their “Terreurs” and they seem to be doing a great job while at it. Their help are nerf guns, swords, or even magic wands that will put these demons back where they came from and hopefully prevent them from ever resurfacing.

As we grow up, we are thought that we should be facing our fears. The kids in the “Terreurs” photo series have already learned their lesson, so they seem to be victorious in the battle against the beasts.

More info about photographer Laure Fauvel

The photographer is currently based in Paris, France. She is a master of digital retouch photography and she is currently studying at an animation college in her home country.

Laure Fauvel’s “Terreurs” is not her only project. The artist has plenty of other collections under her name, most of them sporting an important and skillful dose of retouching.

She is a very talented photographer and her projects are worth a closer look. Check them out at Laure’s personal website and keep an eye out for future series, which will definitely be amazing!

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