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Amazing photos of the Chinese New Year 2014 celebrations


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The Chinese New Year celebrations are always colorful and filled with amazing characters, so it has once again provided a number of great photos.

One of the most important holidays in China is the Chinese New Year. People celebrate it at the turn of the so-called Chinese calendar, which is different from the Gregorian calendar.

Chinese New Year 2014 is the “Year of the Horse”, celebrations are underway

The Chinese people refer to it as the Spring Festival and the celebrations will last for 15 days in a row, until the middle of the calendar’s first month.

Speaking of which, the reason why the Chinese New Year 2014 is celebrated on January 31 this year is because the Chinese calendar is based on a “lunisolar” model. It uses the moon phase to determine the date as well as the time of the solar year.

Most of the times a lunisolar year will have 12 months, but sometimes it has 13 months. Either way, the 2014 edition is the “Year of the Horse”, according to the Chinese zodiac, a “wood” element sign.

People who rely on the zodiac believe that a Horse year smells like trouble because people will stand their ground and will not stray very far from their principles. This means that they will not want to negotiate or make any compromises, so watch yourself out there.

Get rid of the evil spirits by dancing, singing, and having fun

The Chinese New Year 2014 is celebrated in China and other countries where there are large groups of Chinese people. However, all the Chinese people celebrate it, so expect to see fireworks and costumers wherever you may be.

The Spring Festival is an explosion of beautiful colors, but mainly red and yellow. The most important themes include happiness, longevity, as well as luck and fortune, as people will always expect that the new year will bring them more wealth than the past one.

Numerous superstitions are in place, as it is bad luck to be alone on New Lunar Year’s eve. Dancing, singing, and all celebrations should help you get rid of the “evil spirits”, so the Chinese people will rent a boyfriend of a girlfriend if they have none.

Getting back to the celebrations, the Chinese people know how to put on a good show, therefore prepare for some interesting photographs that will make you want to have fun along with the Chinese folks in your town.

We wish you a happy New Chinese Lunar Year 2014!

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