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Chino Otsuka travels in time in “Imagine Finding Me” series


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Japan-born photographer Chino Otsuka is a “time traveler” in her image series entitled “Imagine Finding Me”, which consists of portraits of her adult self photoshopped into her childhood photos.

There are very few people who would not want to travel through different moments in time. It would be a great way to study our history, to see what is unseen to modern times, or to take a peek into the future.

Unfortunately, time travel is not possible and it does not look like it will ever be possible. However, this does not mean that we cannot dream and forever forget about time traveling.

A photographer who has not dismissed this idea is called Chino Otsuka. The artist has been born in Tokyo, Japan, but she is living and working in London, UK.

She has been a part of group exhibitions, though she has also featured her galleries on her own. Chino Otsuka is a respected artist and she is currently making internet rounds thanks to a photo series named “Imagine Finding Me”.

The title does not give out many details. Nevertheless, everything will become clear once you take a closer look at the image collection.

Photographer Chino Otsuka travels through time in creative “Imagine Finding Me” image series

The “default” photographs have been captured during her childhood. The adult in the photo is her, all grown-up. For those who are wondering how this is possible, you should simply appreciate the power of Adobe Photoshop.

Chino has taken some self-portraits and she has decided to add them into her old childhood pictures. One could say that her adult self is discovering the child that she used to be, or that she is giving child Otsuka the chance to learn what she will become in the future.

“I’m a tourist in my own history”, says London-based artist

The artist believes that the act of digital processing photos is the perfect time machine. Photoshop has given her the opportunity to travel to her childhood, “becoming a tourist in my own history”, added Otsuka.

In most of the photos, she is trying to do a similar thing as her child version. However, in some images it looks like the two have never met and are simply passing by each other.

“Imagine Finding Me” is an inspiring series and we are sure that a lot of people would love to go through their worry-free childhood once again.

More details can be found at Chino Otsuka’s official website.

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