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Amazing color infrared film photography by Dean Bennici


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Photographer Dean Bennici has an impressive portfolio consisting of amazing images captured on infrared film, which did not require any digital interaction.

Most of today’s electronic devices can be used for taking photos. Despite the fact that millions of people are capturing multiple shots on a daily basis, this does not make them all photographers.

In order to call yourself a professional or even a talented photographer, you have to come up with extraordinary work. Such is the case of Dean Bennici, who takes astounding photos on rare color infrared film.

color-infrared-film-dean-bennici Amazing color infrared film photography by Dean Bennici Exposure

Color infrared film has been used by photographer Dean Bennici to capture this astounding photo. Credits: Dean Bennici.

Photographer Dean Bennici uses color infrared film for his out-of-this-world photography

Bennici is based in Germany, although he has American origins. Either way, creativity knows no boundaries and the photographer surely has plenty of it. After spending about three years to study infrared film and photography techniques, Dean got to work and the results are absolutely striking.

He has used color infrared film on chrome slide film. This means that he has decided not to use any digital manipulation software, such as Photoshop. Many people think that you simply have to point the camera towards something and press the shutter button. However, things are not so easy.

color-infrared-film-photography Amazing color infrared film photography by Dean Bennici Exposure

Color infrared film photography is not something that anybody can do. It takes great skill and cunning, but Dean Bennici has plenty of it. Credits: Dean Bennici.

Infrared photography is a combination of imaging knowledge and precision

Taking the shot is one thing, but the film must be cut somehow. Film processing has been done in “complete darkness” and the individual shots have been manually cut by the artist.

Judging by these great results, the photographer has a very steady hand as the cutting precision had to be calculated “to the millimeter”.

dean-bennici Amazing color infrared film photography by Dean Bennici Exposure

Infrared photography is amazing no matter what type of photography you like. This photo looks like it was captured on Mars, rather than Earth. Credits: Dean Bennici.

Three years of studying put to very good use

Although this film is said to perform great in ultraviolet, infrared, and the visible light spectrum, it is actually more sensitive to IR wavelengths. However, you cannot buy it anymore as the manufacturer has discontinued it and other units will not be produced.

Dean Bennici added that capturing the shots is not something anybody can do, so this is where the three-year study has been helpful. The artists deserves a huge round of applause, especially considering that these are the original shots, without any digital manipulation.

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