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How to Have Comfortable Client Shoots


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We can all agree that comfortable client shoots are a dream. There’s nothing better than having an agreeable client who feels confident in your presence and smoothly collaborates with you. Though dreaming about scenarios of this sort is pleasant, there’s a way to make them come true. Every shoot, regardless of how stressful or complicated it is, can be transformed into a comfortable experience for both you and your client. Here are a few tips on how to achieve this.

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Have a Pre-Shoot Meeting

A friendly coffee meeting will help you get to know your client better. A cozy and comfortable environment will allow room for meaningful conversations. Express your interest in your client’s work and ask them questions about their interests, hobbies, and dreams. Your curiosity will make them feel heard and understood, something that will inevitably affect them during future shoots.

Your discussions don’t have to be too personal; great conversations can emerge from simple photography-related topics. Even if your client isn’t a photographer themselves, ask for their honest feedback regarding your ideas. Opinions of any kind are helpful, especially when it comes to collaborations, so keep your mind open to new thoughts, concepts, and ideas. Your openness will build mutual trust.

Let Your Patience Be Known

Showing your client that you’re patient will strengthen your reputation. Your reputation, in turn, will increase your clients’ trust in you. Instead of panicking when something goes wrong during a shoot, strive to find the best possible solution. Calmness during rough moments is contagious; your client, upon seeing your peaceful reaction, will also feel calm. As a result, they won’t be afraid of facing obstacles during your session with them.

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Be Honest

I usually let my clients know that the first few photographs will be a little awkward. I also let them know that mistakes aren’t a reflection of their abilities and that even professionals stumble occasionally. While this assurance may sound simple, it works wonders. It instantly relaxes my clients and makes their modelling experience fun. Letting your client know that you don’t expect instant perfection from them will ease any tension and increase their trust in you. It will also make you more comfortable, since you won’t be expected to thrive as soon as the shoot begins. Don’t be afraid to joke around and share interesting stories with them. Instead of being super formal, just be yourself!

Encourage Them Passionately

Give your clients compliments every now and then. Complete silence can make some people feel awkward, so make sure your client feels as encouraged as possible. If one of their poses or expressions isn’t working, suggest a better one. Let them know that it’s okay to make mistakes. Once you’re happy with a photograph, immediately show it to them. In addition to guiding them, highlight their strengths. The last thing you’d want as a model is to see someone looking disappointed while photographing you.

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Sharpen Your Observation Skills

When I work with confident photographers, I feel at home. Confident artists are not defined by their lack of mistakes, but by their ability to transform every experience into an incredible opportunity. Observant photographers find potential in every detail and corner; this results in breathtaking photographs.

Making the most of any location will make your clients feel safe. If you thrive in seemingly simple locations, your clients will be impressed. Being impressed, in turn, will compel them to trust your creative vision. Find confidence in your skills and continuously try to strengthen them. Practice and self-confidence will lead you to the most brilliant and comfortable photoshoots.

Great client relationships have strong foundations, and strong foundations are created by communication. Seek to listen and learn from your client, no matter who they are. Your openness to their feedback will create mutual trust, leading to comfortable shoots and beautiful photographs. The more you experiment with various communicating techniques, the easier it’ll get. Before you know it, your dreams of having exceedingly comfortable client shoots will come true. For now, keep on thriving!

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