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Complete National Geographic collection available for only $24.95


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National Geographic is currently offering a special deal for the magazine’s complete collection of photos for only $24.95.

Whether you are a photographer or a photography fan, you most probably admire the collection of National Geographic photos. It is an almost endless source of inspiration and it can take viewers on an amazing journey with the purpose of discovering new places, animals, people, seas, and rivers.

National Geographic has been launched as a Society aimed at increasing geographical knowledge and more than 125 years have passed since the first magazine’s release. The complete collection does not cover the previous two years, but it gives access to 123 years of magazines, photos and knowledge, since 1888 until 2011.

complete-national-geographic-collection Complete National Geographic collection available for only $24.95 News and Reviews

Complete National Geographic Collection includes 1,400 issues, 8,000 articles, and 200,000 photographs.

Complete Collection of National Geographic magazines on sale

Although the first editions of the magazine did not feature pictures at all, technological advancements in the optics industry have led the Society’s leaders to include photographs in Nat Geo issues.

It was one of the most inspired decisions as National Geographic quickly became one of the most popular magazines in the world. The complete Nat Geo collection consists of 7 DVDs containing every issue of the magazine between 1888 and 2011.

This means that the collection includes more than 1,400 issues with more than 8,000 articles and 200,000 photographs. It is one of the largest photo collections in the world and it is definitely worth the $24.95 amount, down from the regular price of $79.95.

Numerous advantages over the physical collection

A search function is available for the DVDs, meaning that users can search for a special edition or photograph, like the Afghan Girl edition which was issued in June 1985. The collection also includes the classic maps which were published in the magazines throughout its history of 123 years.

Users can also create lists with favorite articles, editions or photographs. If you think you have the knowledge, then you will be able to test it using an interactive trivia game.

The Society says that the collection is available in high resolution and that it is supported by most Windows versions, including 7, Vista, XP, and 2000, and by Mac OS X 10.4 or later. It is very likely that the DVDs will be supported by Windows 8 PCs as well.

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