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Social disparity explored in “Created Equal” photo book


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Photographer Mark Laita has compiled a book full of images that depict the social inequality between people living in the United States, despite the fact that all of us have been “Created Equal”.

Everybody is equal at birth. However, as we grow up, we begin to notice that we are, in fact, unique and that there is a huge difference between us and other people.

Photographer Mark Laita explores social inequality between American people using portrait photography

Most of these inequalities are given by the disparity between the rich and the poor, fights between liberals and conservatives, and a clear distinction between good and evil.

There is no denying in these aspects and photographer Mark Laita has captured these differences between people in his photography.

“Created Equal” photo book shows portraits of all types of people living in the United States

The “Created Equal” project has turned into a book and it is aimed at all people who acknowledge that people are “all equal” until some point.

The “environment, circumstances, or fate” are changing us and shaping our future. 

Created Equal is a book written by Ingrid Sischy, who is presenting her thoughts regarding social discrepancy. She says that the book is not intended to show our missing teeth and wrinkles, as the biggest differences between us consist ultimately of the sense of money and power.

Different, but proud of who they are

Laita says that he wants to share his love for America through photography. The United States have been shaped by hundreds of years of independence, achievements and failures altogether.

Individuals have been shaped by past occurrences. Some people have a tragic life, while others live a wonderful one.

Some have an ordinary existence, while others are bound for glory. However, all of them “stand proud”, though “ready for scrutiny”.

Laita’s photography truly reminds people that they are born equal, even though later in life there is bound to be a huge contrast between them.

“Created Equal” is not about people in the same class, it is about much more than that

Viewers should not expect to see comparisons between people of the same age, race, neighborhood, or social class. The photos are here to show America’s full extent of citizens.

Anyway, the images are simply great and they may make you reflect on what you are and what you could have become. The “Created Equal” book is available for purchase at Amazon for a starting price of $475.

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