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Surefire Ways to Use Your Customer Service to Enhance Your Client’s Experience


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Enhancing Your Client’s Experience by Shuva Rahim

Customer service is something I’ve been thinking about more and more lately. Perhaps it’s because I’ve drastically changed how I do things since I started my business, or maybe it’s because all of us have had horrible experiences with businesses in our communities. It’s almost like threshold for customer service is so low, that we consider a thank you and a smile good enough.

Well, it isn’t. – not if you want people to talk about you, rave about you, and come back to you.

I’ll be the first to admit my client-relation skills can be better, and I’m always looking to improve. But within photography, since much of our business revolves around relationships that “average” is simply not good enough.

Because I’m big on lists, here are some things to consider doing when you interact with clients or potential clients:

  1. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.  That means talk to your clients – in person, if possible – or on the phone. There’s always risk for confusion or misunderstanding if every single aspect of your communication is via email.
  2. Anticipate their questions. Explain to them what your process is with your sessions, packages, whatnot – in advance. If they’ve booked you, don’t just email them your price list and expect them to read it and understand everything. Even if it is clearly written, take the time to go over your information so you know they have a clear understanding of what is offered.  And then go over it again to refresh their memory.
  3. Ask what they want.  A grandma may not want photos on disc, and high school seniors may not want prints, or vice versa. Find out from your clients what is important to them.
  4. Go beyond what’s expected. Reward your clients, whether that’s in the form of extra images, a print credit, a gift certificate or something else.
  5. Say thank you – not just at the end, but also after every point of contact.

Shuva Rahim is a photographer in Eastern Iowa. She enjoys reading books to improve her business, two of which include “The Power of Nice” by Linda Kapler Thaler and Robin Koval, and “The Invisible Touch” by Harry Beckwith.


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