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“Day To Night” shows what happens in New York City in a day


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Photographer Stephen Wilkes has created an image project, called “Day To Night”, consisting of composite shots of New York City captured over the course of 15 hours.

Some places look great during the day and some look better during the night. Still, some locations are a joy to behold no matter the lighting levels. This has transcended into an idea for a photo project and the one to see it as a source of inspiration has been Stephen Wilkes.

union-square "Day To Night" shows what happens in New York City in a day Exposure

New York City’s Union Square by day and by night. Credits: Stephen Wilkes.

Photographer Stephen Wilkes proves that New York City is awesome by day and by night

The photographer is well-known in the photography business, thanks to his “fine art” as well as commercial shootings. Multiple museums and galleries have featured his work and magazines have dedicated entire chapters to Stephen Wilkes, who never ceases to deliver astounding photography.

The “Day To Night” photo collection shows several areas of New York City throughout the course of a day. From the sun shining in the sky to the darkness covering it with the city being illuminated by cars and sidewalk lighting.

New York City falls into the category of places that must be seen during both day and nighttime. A lot of things change over the course of a few hours and it is amazing how a single image can capture so many transitions.

times-square "Day To Night" shows what happens in New York City in a day Exposure

Times Square, New York City is as awesome by day as it is by night. Credits: Stephen Wilkes.

Taking people’s photos on the street and cityscapes are Stephen Wilkes’ favorite activities

Stephen Wilkes says that “Day To Night” is one of his favorite projects ever. The reason for that is that he has been able to integrate different types of photography into the same shots.

The photographer says that he loves to photograph people walking down the street and cityscapes. New York City is home to millions of people, while providing one of the best skylines in the world thanks to its skyscrapers.

highline "Day To Night" shows what happens in New York City in a day Exposure

New York City’s Highline also made it into the photographer’s “Day To Night” photo project. Credits: Stephen Wilkes.

“Day To Night” cityscapes show what happens in New York City throughout a period of 15 hours

The fleeting moments have been captured throughout a 15-hour interval. Words cannot describe how impressive these day-and-night cityscapes are and one can only wonder how “cool” it would be for these sightings to be real, though some might consider them frightening or unnatural.

The full “Day To Night” image collection can be found at the photographer’s official website, where you can find a way of contacting Wilkes or check his other projects, too.

flatiron-building "Day To Night" shows what happens in New York City in a day Exposure

The iconic Flatiron Building separates day from night, making New York City look even more awesome. Credits: Stephen Wilkes.

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