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DCkina unveils gorgeous iPhone Shutter Grip


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DCkina has launched a new accessory which takes the concept of iPhoneography to a whole new level, as it acts as a shutter grip and a tripod mount among others.

iPhones are some of the best-selling smartphones on the market. This means that accessory makers are focusing on these devices because they have a larger pool of users to appeal to.

DCkina is one of them and the company has just launched an all-in-one shutter grip, tripod clip, and external battery for iPhone 5, 4S, and 4. Furthermore, the accessory is pretty good-looking and it will turn a few heads while capturing images on the street.

iphone-shutter-grip DCkina unveils gorgeous iPhone Shutter Grip News and Reviews

iPhone Shutter Grip provides a better grasp for your beloved smartphone.

DCkina’s Shutter Grip will fix three major problems of your iPhone

One of the biggest downsides when taking photos with a smartphone is that it does not have a grip. Some may say that they find it comfortable to take photos with a mobile phone, but is it actually like this? If you dwell on it for a second, then you will come to the conclusion that dedicated cameras are easier to handle, thanks to their grips.

The grip is the first problem solved by DCkina. Moreover, the so-called iPhone Shutter Grip also acts like a tripod clip. This means that you can attach your iOS smartphone to a tripod and capture sharper shots or you can just put it on a table, in case your do not own a tripod.

The third problem fixed by the iPhone Shutter Grip consists of an external battery. The accessory can recharge your smartphone, as it features a built-in 2,500mAh battery, which is also larger than the one found in your smartphone.

iphone-shutter-grip-tripod-mount DCkina unveils gorgeous iPhone Shutter Grip News and Reviews

iPhone Shutter Grip can be mounted on a tripod, allowing photographers to capture higher-quality images.

Shutter Grip packs three buttons, each providing distinct functionality

Beside providing solutions for three common issues, the device also comes with three buttons. One of them can be used for toggling between picture and video modes, the second acts as a shutter, while the third will take you directly to the image gallery.

iphone-shutter-grip-external-battery DCkina unveils gorgeous iPhone Shutter Grip News and Reviews

iPhone Shutter Grip is also an external battery, recharging your smartphone while being in use.

iPhone Shutter Grip is available now for less than $50

DCkina is selling this product for merely $47.65, which can be considered a small price to pay for significantly improving your iPhoneography. Nevertheless, the package also includes a carrying pouch, a hand strap, and a micro USB cable, useful for recharging the iPhone Shutter Grip.

As stated above, it is compatible with the iPhone 5, 4S, and 4. The all-in-one iPhone accessory weighs 168 grams and it is available in “White” at the store’s website.

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