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di-GPS announces Eco Pro-F and Pro-S GPS for Nikon cameras


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di-GPS has introduced a pair of GPS accessories for Nikon digital cameras, allowing photographers to add GPS information to their photos.

Most Nikon DSLR cameras come packed with GPS functionality, though they require some sort of input from accessories or smartphones. A Hong Kong company has the answer, as it has released a couple of GPS modules specially designed for Nikon’s shooters.

di-GPS launches two new GPS modules for Nikon cameras

di-GPS is known for making GPS accessories and its lineup has just been extended by the Eco Pro-S and Pro-F devices. They can be easily attached to Nikon cameras, but photographers will need to pay attention, in order to purchase the right one for their shooters.

di-gps-eco-pro-f-nikon-cameras di-GPS announces Eco Pro-F and Pro-S GPS for Nikon cameras News and Reviews

di-GPS Eco Pro-F module is aimed at professional Nikon cameras, including the D800 and D800E. It is weathersealed and weighs merely 14 grams.

di-GPS Eco ProFessional GPS for Nikon cameras

The di-GPS Eco ProFessional Pro-F is aimed at professional cameras, as its name suggests. It consumes little power, about 19mA, which is one third lower than the power consumption of Nikon GP-1. Additionally, it is very lightweight and small. The manufacturer says that it is weathersealed, meaning that dust and moisture should not affect your photography.

It does not require any setup or external antenna, as it features an integrated 66-channel GPS receiver. The antenna is very sensitive, meaning that it can get a signal even in the forest.

The di-GPS Eco Pro-F GPS for Nikon cameras is compatible with the D3 / D3S / D3X, D800 / D800E, D300 / D300S, D2X / D2XS /D2HS, D200, D700, and D4. However, it also supports the Fujifilm S5 Pro, since it features the same connector.

di-gps-eco-pro-s-nikon-cameras di-GPS announces Eco Pro-F and Pro-S GPS for Nikon cameras News and Reviews

di-GPS Eco Pro-S GPS receiver for Nikon cameras consumes less power than the conventional GP-1 module. It does not require any kind of setup, but it will get a signal across all environments.

di-GPS Eco ProSumer GPS for Nikon cameras

On the other hand, the di-GPS Eco ProSumer Pro-S module features the same specifications. It is as powerful as its sibling, but it is a tad heavier. The Pro-S weighs 16 grams, while the Pro-F weighs 14 grams although it is aimed at bigger cameras.

Anyway, the di-GPS Eco Pro-S is compatible with the D5000 / D5100 / D5200, D3100 / D3200, D7000 / D7100, D600, and the Coolpix P7700. It is available at Amazon for a price of $130, excluding shipping and taxes, while the Eco Pro-F will become available in the near future at Amazon, too.

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