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DIMIKA unveiled as one of the world’s lightest action cameras


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Innotrends has unveiled the DIMIKA action camera, a tiny device capable of recording full HD videos for a very small price.

The action camera industry is rising thanks to GoPro. There is no denying in the fact that the Hero shooters are the most popular on the market and that a lot of other companies want to replicate their success by launching multiple gadgets capable that may appeal to the general public.

There has been a fair share of action cams launched lately, including the iON Air Pro 3, but there is room for one more: the DIMIKA action cam.

dimika DIMIKA unveiled as one of the world's lightest action cameras News and Reviews

DIMIKA is a new full HD action camera with multiple features and lightweight design.

Innotrends announces DIMIKA, a very lightweight and small full HD action camera

Innotrends has launched a new series of digital cameras that opens its book with DIMIKA. This action shooter can capture videos at full HD videos at 30 frames per second.

The manufacturer says that it is aimed at different activities that call for lightweight recorders, providing a means to help you capture the most important moments and places of your life.

Speaking of light things, this device weights only 37.2 grams, becoming one of the most portable gadgets of its kind on the market. Additionally, it is pretty small as it measures only 64 x 38 x 16mm.

Tripod mount for maximum versatility and a battery life of 80 minutes

The DIMIKA 1080HD features a tripod socket on its bottom so that users can mount it on a broad range of accessories or other products.

It can lead to creative videos and one of the biggest advantages is that it can record videos at maximum resolution for up to 80 minutes.

Its dimensions and tripod mount make it compatible with quadcopters or all sorts of drones for capturing amazing aerial footage.

Nevertheless, it can be mounted on bike handlebars or be used as a dash-cam in your vehicle. Innotrends say that this is a versatile shooter that could also replace your webcam.

Its skillfulness is given by the software, too. It includes motion detection, loop-recording, time-lapse, and auto on/off capabilities.

DIMIKA release date and price information

Innotrends has confirmed that the DIMIKA action camera will become available in several markets across the globe as of mid-November.

The full HD camcorder will be sold for an MSRP of $69 and it can be pre-ordered on the web at the company’s official website.

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