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“Dinner in NY” documents the eating habits of New Yorkers


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Photographer Miho Aikawa is proposing an interesting photo project, called “Dinner in NY”, which consists of portraits of New Yorkers and their dinning habits.

What do you do while eating? Are you only eating or are you doing something else at the same time? Photographer Miho Aikawa wants to learn more about nutrition and the dinning habits of humans, so these are just some of the questions asked by the artist.

In order to achieve this, she has started the “Dinner in NY” project, depicting New Yorkers while having dinner in their homes or at their workplace.

Photographer Miko Aikawa documents our eating habits in the “Dinner in NY” project

The idea for this series has come from a Public Health Nutrition study. Your health is directly linked to your nutrition. However, more and more people seem to ignore this aspect.

According to Public Health Nutrition’s study, American people are treating their meals as secondary activities. The number of people who treat eating as a primary activity has dramatically decreased during the past 30 years.

The study shows that eating time has increased by about 25 minutes in the past three decades. This shows that humans are focusing on something else during their mealtimes.

Years ago, humans enjoyed their meals and saw them as important parts of their days. People would simply eat and move on to do something else. Now, we are focused on other things while eating, so it takes longer to eat.

This is why photographer Miho Aikawa has decided to conduct a study of her own. The “Dinner in NY” photo series focuses on New Yorkers and their activities during dinner.

The results of the study vary from person to person

The results of the photographer seem to go hand in hand with the study conducted by the Public Health Nutrition association. It appears that about 50% of people are doing other activities while eating.

“Dinner in NY” consists of intimate portraits of people of all ages, including teenagers. An example is a 13-year-old girl who prefers to eat in her bed while watching a show on her laptop.

Another interesting example consists of a 28-year-old architect who eats dinner at his office due to the fact that he is working overtime.

Stress may be to blame as there is little time for fun-related activities. We have to work harder and people do not have enough time to watch our favorite TV shows, for example.

Nevertheless, some people may eat healthier and may find enjoyment during mealtimes at the same time. Each viewer can draw a conclusion, so enjoy these shots or find more at the photographer’s website.

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