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DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter for GoPro Hero officially launched


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DJI Innovations has unveiled its next-generation quadcopter called Phantom 2, which allows users to capture aerial videos using GoPro Hero cameras.

Quadcopters are becoming popular products among photographers and videographers. With the help of quadcopters, the photographers can capture impressive footage from amazing vantage points.

These are toys for big boys and DJI Innovations is one of most popular sellers thanks to its Phantom series. This aerial drone supports cameras such as the GoPro Hero, while a few weeks ago, the Phantom 2 Vision with a built-in camera has been launched, too.

If you have a Hero around or if you are not happy with the video quality provided by Vision’s sensor, then you should know that the manufacturer has launched the next-generation Phantom with GoPro Hero support.

DJI Innovations launches DJI Phantom 2 aerial drone with 25-minute “intelligent” battery

dji-phantom-2 DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter for GoPro Hero officially launched News and Reviews

DJI Phantom 2 is now official as the next-generation quadcopter aimed at GoPro Hero camera users.

It is called DJI Phantom 2 and it comes packed with improved features when compared to the previous generation. The aerial drone supports FPV flying out of the box and it does not require too much tweaking before launching it into “space”.

Owners will have to attach it rotors, charge the batteries, mount their camera and then they are ready to go. It features a NAZA-M V2 flight control technology and an “intelligent” battery that provides up to 25 minutes of flying.

Quadcopter can be remotely controlled from a distance of up to one kilometer

The DJI Phantom 2 sports a 9-inch self-tightening propeller that allows the quadcopter to fly even with 1.3 kilograms of load. Its control modes include GPS, ATTI, and flight options, although users can manually fly this thing, too.

Fortunately, there is a “Failsafe” mode, which is even better then the version found in the original Phantom, says the manufacturer. A microUSB port allows users to update its firmware, while Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal port is available as well.

The transmitter features 2.4GHz wireless technology and it gives users the possibility of controlling their aerial drone from a distance of 1.000 meters.

The Ground Station capabilities have been improved so that PCs and iPads can be set as ground stations. However, this feature will become available by the end of January with the help of a firmware update.

Release date and official price to be revealed in the coming days

According to DJI Innovations, the Phantom 2 measures 29 x 29 x 18 centimeters and weighs 1kg. The price has not been announced, yet, but it should become official in the coming days as its release date is very near.

In the meantime, the original Phantom UAV drone costs $479, while the Phantom 2 Vision is available for $1,199.

DJI launches lower-end Phantom FC40 with built-in camera

phantom-fc40 DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter for GoPro Hero officially launched News and Reviews

The Phantom FC40 by DJI Innovations is a new quadcopter with a built-in camera that records 720p videos.

Another important announcement made by DJI Innovations consists of the Phantom FC40. It is another aerial drone that comes with a built-in camera.

It features GPS, ATTI, and manual control modes, transmitting data to an Android or iOS device via 5.8G technology. The maximum control distance stand at 500 meters so it would not be too wise to stray too far away from this quadcopter.

The DJI Phantom FC40 records 720p videos at 30 frames per second and offers a lens with an f/2.2 aperture and 10x optical zoom.

According to the company, it should be released in the coming days for a to-be-announced price. The quadcopter is based on the original Phantom, so it should be significantly cheaper than the Vision. All will be revealed soon, so stay tuned!

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