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Update bringing DNG RAW support to DJI Phantom 2 Vision users


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DJI Innovations has revealed that the Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter will be capable of taking DNG RAW photos courtesy of a firmware update that will be released in the following weeks.

The DJI Phantom Vision should have been released during the middle of this year. However, the company has been forced to postpone its launch several times due to unknown issues.

Either way, the device has become official at the end of October and it has become available on the market a few weeks ago.

In order to improve the user experience and make this quadcopter with a built-in camera more attractive to photographers, DJI Innovations has confirmed that the drone is getting Adobe DNG RAW support soon.

Adobe DNG RAW file support coming to the DJI Phantom 2 Vision by the end of December

People who have purchased a Phantom 2 Vision will be able to apply pro-level editing to their photos. This way they can take their aerial photography skills to the next level.

The flying camera’s main attraction point is the ability to record videos from above to give you a vantage point like no other, but since it can capture images, then there is no reason why buyers would not use it to improve their photography portfolio.

The firmware update, that provides DNG RAW file support, will become available for download in late December, the company has confirmed.

Provide a Ground Station for your Vision aerial drone through a firmware update soon

ground-station Update bringing DNG RAW support to DJI Phantom 2 Vision users News and Reviews

DJI Phantom 2 Vision is about to get Ground Station capabilities with the help of a firmware update coming in late December or early January.

DJI Phantom 2 Vision will get a second firmware update shortly after the Adobe DNG RAW one. The other upgrade will turn the drone into an autonomous quadcopter.

Users will be able to set a Ground Station, add and edit waypoints, while allowing the drone to navigate automatically. This will be a great feature and will certainly be welcomed by both photographers and videographers.

The update is scheduled to become available in late December or early January. Additionally, users will have to update their mobile application to take full advantage of these new features.

DJI Phantom 2 Vision information

The DJI Phantom 2 Vision features a 14-megapixel sensor with full HD video recording, microSD card slot, and built-in WiFi. It allows users to stream videos wirelessly as well as to provide telemetry details from a distance of up to 900 feet.

The quadcopter is capable of flying for up to 25 minutes before the battery runs out and, as stated above, it performs great when called upon. If you want one and you are excited for the new features, then you might as well purchase a unit from Amazon for the price of $1,199.

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