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DJI Phantom Vision release date delayed until November


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The DJI Phantom Vision release date has finally been slated for this November, following multiple delays caused by unknown issues.

When DJI Innovations revealed the Phantom Vision, the whole world has been excited by the prospect of purchasing a quadcopter with a built-in camera.

The flying camcorder should have been released during the second quarter of 2013. However, it has been postponed until July due to several issues. July came and nothing happened and then the company went silent.

dji-phantom-vision-quadcopter DJI Phantom Vision release date delayed until November News and Reviews

DJI Phantom Vision was originally supposed to be launched in June 2013. However, it has been delayed and the UAV is still not available. According to the company, the quadcopter with a built-in camera is still on its way and it will hit store shelves in November.

DJI Phantom Vision release date scheduled for November 2013

Thankfully, DJI Innovations has updated its website with new information regarding the DJI Phantom Vision release date, stating that the quadcopter will become available this November.

The company claims that it is targeting a November launch, in order to take advantage of the holidays season, a period when consumers are actively looking for new “toys” to buy.

There are no pricing details, though CEO Colin Guinn has previously affirmed that it will be more expensive than the original Phantom, hinting at an amount higher than $700.

Original Phantom to be replaced by DJI Phantom II

DJI Innovations added that the Phantom II is set to be released around the same time. This means that the original Phantom is getting replaced by a newer and likely better version.

Although the Vision comes with a built-in camera, a lot of people still own a GoPro Hero and they would rather use this rugged shooter for aerial photography purposes.

The price of the upcoming DJI Phantom II is not mentioned, but more details should be revealed closer to the launch date.

Vision to feature built-in 14-megapixel camera and 5.8GHz WiFi

DJI Phantom Vision’s specs list includes an integrated 14-megapixel image sensor, which captures 1920 x 1080 full HD videos. Additionally, it can shoot 14MP photos at RAW quality, according to CEO Colin Guinn.

The Vision can also take a photo while recording. This is a really nice feature as it will not force users to stop capturing movies in order to take a photo.

Other features include 5.8GHz wireless transmitter and receiver, which represents an improvement over the original Phantom’s 2.4GHz version. This means that videographers will be able to control the Vision via an iPhone from a maximum distance of 300 meters.

DJI cuts Phantom price by $200, offers in-store credit for early buyers

The company has confirmed that a discount is available when buying the original DJI Phantom. As of September 9, the price of the quadcopter has been slashed by $200.

Furthermore, people who have purchased a unit before this date will receive a $150 in-store credit. Customers will be able to use this significant credit to buy a Phantom II or Vision before December 31, 2013.

This is a pretty good call from the company, as it can increase customer loyalty, while fans have already been upset by the UAV’s extended delay.

Either way, the DJI Phantom Vision release date is November.

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