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DKNY donates $25,000 after using HONY photos without permission


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DKNY has agreed to donate $25,000 for using photos taken by Brandon Stanton without the photographer’s permission.

Brandon Stanton is a popular photographer, whose work is admired by many people around the world. He is also running a photo blog called Humans of New York. The blog consists of thousands of photos depicting “humans of New York” and their stories.

dkny-window-store-bangkok-thailand DKNY donates $25,000 after using HONY photos without permission News and Reviews

Brandon Stanton’s photos can be seen in the DKNY’s store window located in Bangkok, Thailand.

DKNY and Brandon Standon failed to reach common ground

Donna Karan New York, widely-known as DKNY, grew fond of the images and approached Stanton, asking permission to use 300 of his photos in their store windows across the world.

The company offered $15,000 for this batch of images, but the photographer turned it down because he considered that $50 is a low amount for a photo. However, he asked for more money, but DKNY refused and the deal fell through.

Shortly after that, Stanton was contacted by a fan who had seen his photos in a DKNY store located in Bangkok, Thailand. The photographer handled this the best way possible by posting the image on his blog’s Facebook page and asking fans’ support.

He said that DKNY did not have the permission to use the photos. Still, he decided not to file suit against the company, instead choosing to solve this issue in an unusual manner.

Stanton added that he did not want any money, but DKNY should donate $100,000 on his behalf to the YMCA in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn.

Eventually, the company complied to the photographer’s demands

The company, founded back in 1989, decided to partially comply with the request and even offered an explanation. According to DKNY, it donated $25,000 to the YMCA mentioned by the photographer and said that the images were used by mistake.

The company said that it used Stanton’s photos to show store managers how street photography should look like, as a part of the “spring visual program”.

Humans of New York owner confirmed that he is pleased that DKNY admitted that it was a mistake to steal his intellectual property and that the company will not make the same error twice.

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