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Pentax Q10 firmware update 1.01 now available for download


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The Pentax Q10 mirrorless camera can now be upgraded to firmware 1.01, which comes packed with improved general performance.

The Q10 is the latest camera in the Pentax Q series. It was released in September 2012, with a newer and tinier body when compared to its predecessors. The mirrorless camera also features a 12.4-megapixel backlit CMOS sensor and a shake-reduction system among others.

Companies are constantly looking for ways to support their customers, so Ricoh has just released a firmware update for the Pentax Q10. The upgrade is a minor one, as it offers only one improvement over the original version.

The improvement is said to consist of better autofocus performance, allowing the camera to AF a lot quicker than before. As a result, we recommend that you install the update as soon as possible.

pentax-q10-firmware-update-1.01 Pentax Q10 firmware update 1.01 now available for download News and Reviews

The firmware update 1.01 for the Pentax Q10 will improve the autofocus performance of this mirrorless camera.

Pentax Q10 firmware update 1.01 improves autofocus performance

Pentax released the first update for this camera with the purpose of improving autofocus performance. This means that the Q10 mirrorless camera will focus faster and photographers will be less inclined to miss their shots.

The Pentax Q10 boasts a dedicated shutter priority mode, therefore the improved focus speed will be more than welcomed when shooting in this mode.

Additionally, the Pentax Q10 firmware update 1.01 changelog includes “improved stability for general performance”. The camera maker probably fixed a few minor quirks that will improve user experience, therefore this update is also recommended for photographers using the manual focus mode.

The update can be installed through a process similar to those found in other cameras. It is available for download on both Mac OS X and Windows computers.

pentax-q10-dxomark-review Pentax Q10 firmware update 1.01 now available for download News and Reviews

Pentax Q10 managed to achieve an overall score of 49, while the Panasonic GF5 achieved 50. Credits: DxOMark.

Pentax Q10 is almost as good as the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF5, says DxOMark

Meanwhile, the Pentax Q10 image sensor was tested by DxOMark. The specialists were impressed by the performance of the mirrorless camera, and they added that the Q10 is almost as good as the Panasonic GF5, a Micro Four Thirds shooter.

The only problem of the mirrorless camera is ISO performance. According to DxOMark, the Q10 does not live up to the expectations when it comes to low-light performance. The poor score in low-light conditions was attributed to the camera’s small image sensor, which was not very efficient in gathering enough light to take decent shots.

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