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Samsung NX1 firmware update 1.2 released for download


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Samsung has announced that its flagship NX1 mirrorless camera is now upgradeable to firmware version v1.2, which brings a slew of new features to the users.

After introducing the NX1, Samsung has received a lot of requests from users and professionals alike in order to make the mirrorless camera even better than it already is.

The company has listened to the requests and a major firmware version is available for download right now, bringing even more features to NX1 users.

samsung-nx1 Samsung NX1 firmware update 1.2 released for download News and Reviews

Samsung NX1 can be upgraded to firmware version 1.2 right now.

Samsung release firmware update 1.2 for NX1 camera with a myriad of new movie features

The most important changes that the Samsung NX1 firmware update 1.2 brings are referring to the camera’s movie mode.

The manufacturer says that users can now adjust audio levels and ISO sensitivity during video recording. Moreover, 23.98fps and 24fps modes are now supported when capturing 4K or full HD movies.

Those who prefer full HD video capture will get access to a new “Pro” quality, which means that the quality of the footage will be higher.

Videographers using an external recorder are getting time code output via an HDMI cable. The update also adds master black level support and a couple of gamma curves.

The luminance level can now be limited, the options being 0-255, 16-35, and 16-255, respectively.

Samsung has confirmed that the autofocus speed can be controlled, so users can choose to set the NX1 camera to autofocus slower. Moreover, users can now set how quickly to focus on the subject that they focused on originally.

Last but not least, the NX1 now comes with some tools that will allow videographers to select certain frames from recorded movies.

Physical interface is better thanks to the new Samsung NX1 firmware update 1.2

The second level of changes added by the Samsung NX1 firmware update 1.2 are referring to the physical interface.

Users can set the autofocus to lock during movie recording when this option is set to the AE-L button. An auto/manual focus toggle has also been added to the camera’s movie mode.

NX1 owners can now swap the WiFi and REC buttons and the functions of the AF-On and AE-L buttons can be swapped, too.

Auto ISO is now supported in manual mode, while ISO settings or Exposure Compensation can be assigned to a command dial.

Speaking of which, the direction of the dials can be changed, meaning that users can change exposure settings by using the dial backwards.

The Delete and DoF Preview buttons can be customized now, so users can assign other roles to these buttons.

Other new features and where to download firmware version v1.2

Samsung NX1 firmware update 1.2 allows the smartphone application to support remote release via Bluetooth and to check for further updates via WiFi.

Pairing with multiple smartphones and tablets is now supported, too, while Quick Transfer sends previews to a smartphone or tablet immediately after capture.

Tethered shooting is now supported when using a Windows computer, while an SDK has been released to allow developers to create their own remote control apps.

Finally, a feature called Trap Shot will automatically trigger the shutter when a certain requirement is met by the subject.

The firmware version v1.2 can be downloaded right now from Samsung’s official website. Meanwhile, Amazon is selling the Samsung NX1 for about $1,500.

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