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Sony A7II firmware update 1.10 released for download


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Sony has released the firmware update version 1.10 for download for the A7II in order to improve the way the image stabilization system performs in the E-mount full frame mirrorless camera.

The digital imaging world was taken by surprise at the end of November, when Sony announced a replacement for the A7 E-mount camera with a full frame sensor, as the rumor mill remained oblivious to this camera until the last moment.

The device does not offer many improvements over its predecessor, but those that have been added are making a huge difference in the A7II. The most important of them is the 5-axis sensor-shift image stabilization technology, which provides up to 4.5 extra stops of light.

Sony has found a way to improve the on-sensor IS system, therefore it has released the firmware update 1.10 for all A7II users. The file can be downloaded and installed right away.

sony-a7ii Sony A7II firmware update 1.10 released for download News and Reviews

Sony has released firmware update 1.10 for the A7II full frame E-mount mirrorless camera.

Sony A7II firmware update 1.10 changelog

The changelog of the Sony A7II firmware update 1.10 says that the image stabilization technology will perform better in the following scenarios:

  • when half-pressing the shutter;
  • when using the “Focus Magnifier”;
  • during video recording;
  • “in other functions”.

The first three points are pretty obvious, but the last one leaves room for speculation. However, we can say that the company has made some general improvements to the IS system, meaning that it should be even fitter to make sure that camera shakes are neutralized.

Sony A7II firmware update 1.10 is available for download at the camera’s support page for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. The file size varies depending on your OS, so make sure to select the correct one and to follow the instructions to install it properly.

About the Sony A7II FE-mount mirrorless camera

Sony A7II is the first full frame mirrorless camera to employ a 5-axis sensor-shift image stabilization system. If a lens with Optical SteadyShot technology is attached to the camera, then the A7II will recognize that and will combine both systems to offer the best stabilization possible.

Sony may have put the same AF system found in the A7 into the A7II, but the new “proprietary image analysis technology” allows the camera to focus 30% faster than its predecessor. Moreover, the shooter is 1.5 times better at tracking subjects.

Other than that, the A7II comes with a 24-megapixel sensor, maximum ISO of 25,600, tilting display on the back, and support for XAVC-S codec at 50Mbps bitrate when recording full HD videos at 60fps.

Amazon is selling the Sony A7II for a price of about $1,700.

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