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Dream wedding photos inspired by “The Little Mermaid”


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Two pairs of photographers have teamed up to capture the dream wedding for the fans of Disney movies. The wedding is inspired by The Little Mermaid story and it features a couple as Ariel and Prince Eric, while the photos have been captured by Mathieu Photography and Mark Brooke Photography.

If you are getting married soon and you are looking to turn it into something special, then you should explore the Your Cloud Parade store. It consists of props, costumes, and other things that you need for a themed wedding.

In order to promote its services and products, the company has hired some models as well as the guys over at Mathieu Photography and Mark Brooke Photography to capture photos of a dream wedding for the fans of the Disney movies or of fairy tales.

This time, the store and the photographers have chosen “The Little Mermaid” theme, which has led to touching photos of Ariel and Prince Eric getting married.

The Little Mermaid fairy tale leads to dream wedding photos

The dream wedding photos are perfectly executed by Mathieu Photography and Mark Brooke Photography, who have managed to capture the best traits of the models impersonating Ariel and Prince Eric.

The hipster elements are combined with details from the fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen and turned into a movie by Disney.

Your Cloud Parade is aiming to appeal to people who want a special wedding, people who enjoy cosplay and people who simply love fairy tales. This is why this photo project will certainly help them decide to let the store do all the work for them.

Mathieu Photography and Mark Brooke Photography have captured all the important parts of a wedding, including the moment when the husband puts the ring on his wife’s hand, the bride’s flower bouquet, the dress, the cake, and the bridesmaids.

A true masterpiece by Mathieu Photography and Mark Brooke Photography

Mathieu Photography consists of Matt and Molly Snelson, who are specialized in wedding photography. Additionally, Mark Brooke Photography consists of Mark and Candice Brooke who are wedding photographers, too.

Although the props and the models are simply stunning, you can see that the experience and the talent of the photographers are two things that really matter if you truly want dream wedding photos.

As stated above, the models are pretty great, too, as they have had to make it look like they are really getting married. Ariel, portrayed by Traci Hines, and Prince Eric, portrayed by Leo Camacho, have done an incredible job to show the clients what their wedding could look like.

Let us know what do you think about these shots!

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