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Duclos Lenses unveils custom Rokinon Raw cine primes


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Duclos Lenses has announced that it will release custom-made Rokinon Raw cine primes with “a little more character”, instead of aiming for perfection.

Matthew Duclos believes that professional film makers always choose the best lenses available on the market, which is understandable considering the fact that movies need to have very few imperfections.

However, he speaks of admiration for people who want something with character to capture unique movies using flare in the camera. As a result, he has announced that Duclos Lenses will launch a set of unique Rokinon Raw cine primes, which will offer impressive lighting effects.

rokinon-raw-cine-primes Duclos Lenses unveils custom Rokinon Raw cine primes News and Reviews

Rokinon RAW cine primes will have their anti-reflective coatings removed, in order to add flare effects into the cameras.

Rokinon Raw removes anti-reflective coating from the lenses

The custom Rokinon cine primes are the result of the so-called Rokinon Raw procedure, which is based on polishing the anti-reflective coating found in the lenses.

The Rokinon Raw procedure is entirely performed by Duclos Lenses. It removes the anti-reflective coating from several key parts found within the Rokinon optics. Matthew acknowledges that this will reduce sharpness, but he says that the resulting images will still be decently sharp.

Rokinon Raw allows a lot of light flares and kicks into the cine primes, thus allowing photographers and film makers to add special effects to their images and videos.

The reason why the company chose Rokinon lenses was their price. They are relatively cheap when compared to Nikon, Carl Zeiss, Leica, or Panavision lenses. Additionally, they feature a relatively fast aperture.

Availability information to be announced very soon

Duclos Lenses will release a set of prime lenses, measuring 24mm, 35mm, and 85mm. The pricing has not been announced yet, while the lenses are said to become available “very soon”, along with sample videos.

Matthew has confirmed that his company will offer a service for photographers who already own Rokinon, Samyang or Bower lenses.

The same Rokinon Raw procedure will be performed on them and the company will send them back when they are done. Pricing and other details will be revealed shortly after the releases of the Rokinon cine primes.

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