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DxO FilmPack 4.0.2 update released with Lightroom 5 support


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DxO Labs has announced the DxO FilmPack 4.0.2 update, making its film simulation software fully compatible with Adobe Lightroom 5.

DxO Labs is a team of professional engineers with a keen eye for photography. Beside testing the quality of image sensors and lenses, the company is also making image processing and editing programs, such as DxO FilmPack.

dxo-filmpack-4.0.2-update DxO FilmPack 4.0.2 update released with Lightroom 5 support News and Reviews

DxO FilmPack 4.0.2 update is now available for download with full support for Adobe Lightroom 5.

DxO FilmPack 4.0.2 update released for download to bring full Adobe Lightroom 5 compatibility

The latest version of FilmPack is 4 and it has been released in early June 2013. The program could be integrated into Lightroom 5 as a plugin, but the compatibility was not perfect because Adobe had released its program several days after DxO Labs’ application.

This is why DxO Labs’ developers have worked hard to fix several bugs and to make it fully compatible with Adobe’s new RAW processing software.

DxO FilmPack 4.0.2 update is now available for download for all users. According to DxO Labs, the program is now capable of perfectly interacting with Lightroom 5.

DxO FilmPack 4 is still for those users who love analog film effects

The software allows photographers to apply several filters and effects to their image collection. Photo editors can now change colors, contrast, grain, and other settings, which will give that analog film look to their images.

DxO Labs claims that FilmPack 4.0.2 comes with multiple filters and tonings, which can be used individually or in combination. This means that the customization options are virtually endless and that all you need is a little imagination.

DxO Labs is offering FilmPack 4 with special discounts until June 30

DxO FilmPack 4 is available in two editions, that is Essential and Expert. Both suites are available with special discounts, as the Essential version costs $49 (down from $79) and the Expert version is priced at $99 (down from $129).

The company “warns” potential customers that these offers will be available only until June 30, so they have only a few days left to complete the purchase at the DxO Labs website.

Buyers should be aware that DxO FilmPack 4.0.2 can be integrated into Lightroom 4 and 5, Photoshop CS3 through CS6, Elements 10 and 11, DxO Optics Pro 8, and Apple’s Aperture 3, though it can be used as a separate application, as well.

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