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DxO ViewPoint 1.2 software update released for download


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DxO Labs has released a software update for the DxO ViewPoint program, which allows photographers to correct lens imperfections faster and easier.

DxO Labs is a company well-known for its professional software and reviews. Beside the DxO Optics Pro program, the company is also the developer of another important software called ViewPoint and it has just released an update for it.

dxo-viewpoint-1.2-software-update DxO ViewPoint 1.2 software update released for download News and Reviews

DxO Viewpoint 1.2 software update is packing a new save feature, which allows photo editors to save the changes applied to a photo and then apply them to one or more photos.

DxO ViewPoint 1.2 software update available for download now

DxO ViewPoint 1.2 software update is here with new features, as well as some bug fixes, in order to improve the user experience. The company says that the users will find it easier to correct the problems caused by lenses with the help of the latest upgrade.

The changelog of the update says that a new save feature has been added. This will give Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom users the possibility of saving the corrections made to a photo, so that they can apply the same changes to another photo.

This feature is pretty useful, since photographers are taking multiple photos of the same scene. This means that the same distortion will be present in several photos. The new feature will save editors a lot of time, by applying the same revisions to more images.

ViewPoint can be used as a standalone app or as a Photoshop / Lightroom plug-in

DxO ViewPoint is available as a standalone application, compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X computers. However, it can also be integrated as a plug-in into Adobe Lightroom 3 and 4, and Adobe Photoshop CS3 through CS6 versions.

The DxO ViewPoint 1.2 software update also comes packed with image examples which can teach beginners how to apply the right corrections and how to use the proper tools for specific optical flaws.

All users will now have access to the so-called DxO Academy, where they can learn more photo-editing secrets among other useful information.

Bug fixes are available, too, along with a limited discount for those who currently do not own the program

Last but not least, DxO Labs mentions that the update incorporates a lot of stability fixes, which will cut down the number of bugs affecting the users.

DxO ViewPoint 1.2 software update can be downloaded right now by all Windows and Mac OS X users. For those who do not have it yet, the program is available at the company’s website for a special price of $49.

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