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DxO ViewPoint 2 launched to suit your lens correction needs


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DxO Labs has announced the immediate availability of DxO ViewPoint 2, a software aimed at correcting distortions in photos caused by lenses.

All lenses cause distortions to appear in photos. It is pretty hard to fool the laws of physics, but some optics manage to provide amazing image quality with little flaws. In order to correct these issues, photographers are retorting to image editing programs. DxO Labs has been gathering a lot of attention in recent times and now the company has launched a new program called DxO ViewPoint 2.

Lens-correction DxO ViewPoint 2 launched to suit your lens correction needs News and Reviews

Lens correction done with the help of the new DxO ViewPoint 2 software. It is available now for only $49.

DxO Labs unveils DxO ViewPoint 2 lens correction software

The software comes as the second-generation of the ViewPoint program. It replaces the old version, but its goal is the same: to correct distortion.

DxO ViewPoint 2 can do this as a standalone program or even as a plugin for more popular apps, such as Adobe Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, Photoshop Elements 12, and Apple Aperture.

DxO ViewPoint 2 promises to correct convergent lines regardless of their position in a photo

DxO Labs’ experience has allowed the company to improve its program. A new tool is now available and it allows users to correct convergent lines in the most troublesome images. The developer adds that an 8-point mode is available to correct convergent lines no matter where they are located in a photo.

DxO ViewPoint 2 is said to be very easy to use, making the editing process a pleasure. The software can correct deformations and fix the perspective of a photo, even those caused by wide-angle lenses, when close-up subjects tend to look “unnatural”.

The perspective can be easily fixed thanks to a built-in “Natural” option. The magnitude of the fixes can be adjusted with a single click, making the subjects appear more natural.

DxO ViewPoint 2 is available now

Photographers will be able to apply corrections depending on distortions. The list includes barrel, fisheye, and pincushion. There are more than 15,000 modules in the DxO Labs database, meaning that almost all camera-lens combinations are supported.

DxO Labs has already begun selling ViewPoint 2 for a price of $49. This offer is available until October 20. After this date, the price will go up to $79.

The new program is available at the company’s website for Mac OS X and Windows computers. A 30-day free trial is also available, providing enough time to decide whether or not DxO ViewPoint 2 suites your needs.

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