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Stunning Earth photos from a paragliding photographer


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Jody MacDonald is a photographer who captures stunning Earth views while paragliding over our beautiful planet.

Photographers are considered very lucky as plenty of them get the opportunity of seeing some amazing places. Jody MacDonald is living this dream, as she is one of the most popular adventure and sports photographers in the world.

Jody MacDonald combines paragliding with photography to capture amazing Earth photos

Jody likes to go on adventures and actually have fun during them. One of her favorite sports consists of paragliding, but her passion for photography is still there, so why not combine the two? Well, this is exactly what she is currently doing and her extremely impressive photos of Earth from thousands of feet in the air are a testimony to this fact.

During her years as the main photographer of the Best Odyssey expedition, she has been surfing, paragliding, or even kiteboarding. She has had the unique opportunity of riding the waves on a 60-feet catamaran with her colleagues and travel all around the world.

African country Mozambique produces stunning views from 14,000 feet

Paragliding at about 14,000 feet with an expensive camera in your hand does not make you a good photographer. Thankfully, that camera is sitting in the hands of a creative person, who expresses herself like no other.

Our planet is beautiful and most people need someone to show them, as they do not get the chance of traveling as much as MacDonald, meaning that we are lucky she has been the leading photography of this expedition.

A compelling collection consists of photos captured above Mozambique. The African country is home to astounding views, which only get better while you find yourself high in the sky.

Photographer has traveled around the world doing what she loves

Africa is not the only continent where Jody has been paragliding. The photographer has also visited Asia, Europe, South America, and North America. Her journeys have taken her to Scotland, Nevada, and India among other countries.

Jody MacDonald also has a website, where you can check her work and, even better, buy a print containing her artwork. A blog is there, too, used by the photographer to talk about her travels.

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