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Easy-as-Pie Pricing Guides for Photographers – 50% off – TODAY ONLY!


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easy-as-pie Easy-as-Pie Pricing Guides for Photographers - 50% off - TODAY ONLY! Discounts, Deals & Coupons

Easy-as-Pie Pricing Guides for Photographers – 50% off – TODAY ONLY!

If you find it hard or impossible to price your photography or it makes you want to pull out your hair, you need to know about Served Up Fresh.  Alicia Caine is the expert on pricing photography prints and services. She makes pricing easy, fun and relatively painless.

This is NOT a April Fool’s joke.

From 6am eastern, today, April 1st through 6am tomorrow, April 2nd – Served Up Fresh is having it’s first semi-annual blitz sale. You can get any of their amazing products, like the Happy Place Business Plan for Photographers or the Easy as Pie Pricing Guide for Photographers for 1/2 off!

CLICK HERE to automatically get your 50% off at checkout. No promo code, discount code, or coupon needed.

So that penny jar you’ve been filling the last few months- it’s time to cash it in (earlier than you thought you would too!)  If you’re still a little short, think kids penny bank under the mats in your mini van.

ONE DAY ONLY you can get either Easy as Pie for $174.50 (reg. $349) or Happy Place for $74.50 ($149)


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  1. johnna on February 19, 2009 at 11:49 pm

    thanks, Alicia!

  2. Alicia Caine on February 20, 2009 at 12:07 am

    Congratulations Judy!!! Best wishes to you and your business! XXOO

  3. Stephanie on February 20, 2009 at 12:09 am

    I truly think this is a rip off… She charges $149 for a pdf file. she doesnt even spend a dime on printing. Not every person can charge an arm and a leg, not everyone lives in a place where people can afford this. Personally I live in a very wealthy part of Los Angeles and I won’t even charge people more then $50.00 for a sitting fee becuase I personally don’t think it’s right to charge so much for photos of a persons child. Granted people know how much you cost before they book with you but its ridiculous to charge so much. If you look on her photography site she says that a client normally spends between $1600-$4800, personally I think this is a crafty way to make people think oh well I guess I should spend around that much too. She is doing the same thing with her “cookbook” charging a ton so people think it must be great. I read everyones comments about pricing and most people don’t charge yet or charge very little, clearly your readers are good kind people that clearly will not even be able to afford this crazy over priced book.

  4. Jodi on February 20, 2009 at 12:29 am

    Stephanie,You are totally allowed to express your opinion on here. And I understand why you feel it might be a lot to spend on an e-book. What Alicia wrote is extremely well written. I have read it thoroughly and it really will help many price themselves. For those in photography as a hobby or to make a little extra money, they probably do not “need” to adjust pricing. But for those looking to make a living with photography, it gets you realizing your costs of doing business and how you can actually afford to be a photographer, make money and not get completely burnt out. That to me would be worth it…Regardless, pricing is personal. But I bet at $50 a session and say if a photog charges $10 for an 8×10 as an example, you will not actually be able to make a living as a photographer. You can certainly have fun and enjoy – but not have it as a profession.I do not think charging more for a session that $50 is a rip off either. Everyone values different things. And I know many who will go to Sears or Pennys and say $20 is too much for a session… While others are willing to spend $1-2K on a portrait session and prints, canvases, etc…Feel free to discuss this more if you wish. But I do not think Alicia is in any way trying to “trick” people. She has used her experiences to teach others how they can make more money and work smarter not harder.Jodi

  5. Vanessa S. on February 20, 2009 at 1:05 am

    Wow. Well…I agree with Jodi. Look around and you will find that the most sucessful photographers charge what they think their time is worth. If you think your work can’t justify more than a $50 sitting fee, then that’s a personal opinion (statement really, if that’s what you put out to the public), not something Alicia needs to justify. Pricing is something *you* have to live with – and lets face it, some photographers have no problem backing up their prices with a unique offering, while others will always be trying to compete on price because they’re just not comfortable letting their work speak for itself. Location is a factor, but it’s also true that people will travel miles if they want quality. I haven’t started my business yet, but I do understand the dynamics of pricing and how hard it is to readjust it once you’ve already set a standard, but that’s a personal battle, not one for Alicia, Jodi, nor anyone else that agrees with Alicia’s model. As a native of a major metropolitan city (NYC – woo hoo!), I would welcome the chance to be back there to start my business – seriously WELCOME it. At least then nobody would blink at my fees that would reflect the actual costs of running a successful, signature photography business. However, I’m not in NYC, but that won’t deter me from pricing in a sensible (read: profitable) manner to sustain my business where I currently live. Those that can afford me will come based on our compatibility, those that can’t will go to Picture People or their price peers. I’m not angry – it’s in my best interest to weed these people out before I invest too much time in them.Just my $.02.

    • admin on February 20, 2009 at 10:12 am

      Vanessa,Very WELL SAID! VALUE – if a product or service (be it an e-book, an action set, a photograph, etc) provides value to you, then pricing becomes less important. If her book can help you make more money and have a better quality of life, than it is worth it. If my photoshop actions can help your photos look even better and save you time, than they are worth it. If my photoshop training/workshops teaches you something you were having trouble grasping in other ways, or allows the information to stick and be absorbed faster, than it is worth it. If a photograph is so special that it produces feelings of warmth and fond memories, or a photographer is so amazing to work with that you feel yourself while being photographed and get better photos as a result, than worth it. How much something is worth has to do with what you value. I am sure that my training and actions are worth it to many people across the world. There are others who have decided the investment does not have enough value (or at least not yet). And I am okay with that – they can come and learn from me and others on my blog. I will be here if or when they are ready.As for pricing, Alicia helps you figure numbers out – but the numbers are yours alone. You decide what you want to charge. You decide what products provide value to you. You decide what your target market is too.As a photographer, you decide if you want to reach your peers or those with more. And ironically sometimes those who make more and have more money are the least willing to spend it on photography. Sometimes those with very little income will invest a lot of money on memories. Ok – I may be talking in circles now… Plus I have a plane to catch back to Michigan (where the economy is bad) and where there are many photographers charging $200-300+ session fees…Jodi

  6. Vanessa S. on February 20, 2009 at 1:14 am

    Stephanie – since when do photographers complain about getting clients to understand the real value of getting a quality photo to the public? I find it odd that you’re against another photographer charging that their market will bear. Hmmm…

  7. Alicia Caine on February 20, 2009 at 1:56 am

    Thank you Stephanie for taking the time to express your concerns…and thank you Jodi and Vanessa as well for your reponses. After personally mentoring over 40 photographers, this cookbook was formed! It was based on a genuine need for photographers who desperately needed their business to provide for their families(as shown in the comment section below- this need is HUGE!)- and I personally could not mentor each and every individual person who came to me for advice with their business. I was able to take all that information that I was teaching and offer it at a substantially less cost than if I was to offer it in a workshop format (and saved you the time of travel and airfare! 😉 ) There isn’t a one-size-pricing fits all….and I am completely aware that there are different economies- but the commone sense foundation is universal. Each of the photographers who I mentored came from different walks of life, living in different parts of the US (as well as Australia & NewZealand) all with different economies and business experience. It gave me the oppurtunity to put together an incredibly well-rounded product that can be used by anyone, no matter what stage of their business they are in. Easy as Pie teached the importance of understanding of how we price and why we price…not how much. *THAT* is entirely up to you. 🙂 Stephanie- if you have any other concerns- please feel free to contact me personally! I’d be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. —Alicia

  8. Judy on February 20, 2009 at 8:47 am

    Alicia – I have NEVER won anything on a blog before. I am honored and excited to have this book. I want to stay home from work today so I can read and absorb all this super great information. Thank you again. Gotta love “randomness”. And THANK YOU Jodi for sponsoring Alicia and her book!

  9. Brendan on February 20, 2009 at 11:51 am

    Wow, you guys were tough on Stephanie 🙂 While I’m sure there may be some useful information in the “book”, a 30 page PDF file for $149 is too much for me. Has anyone here actually purchased it ? If given the choice, I’d rather put the money into a few more of Jodi’s actions. (BTW, the new one looks great).

  10. Vanessa S on February 20, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    $149 is a lot for some and not that much for others – it’s all relative, I guess. The good news is Alicia was kind enought to give those who want to buy it a discount. The even better news is, for anyone willing to do the legwork, research, interviews, and calculations themselves – it’s even less than that! Of course, that brings me back to the original discussion – what is *your* time worth? 🙂

  11. Jenny Carroll on February 20, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    Wow, isn’t freedom of speech great?? : ) Congrats, Judy.

  12. Johanna on February 20, 2009 at 3:28 pm

    well now everyone has an opportunity to purchase it for $109 for today and tomorrow…does that make it worth less? I think not. in just makes it a better value! the question really is not whether you can afford to make the purchase, it is whether or not you can afford NOT to. 🙂

  13. stacy t on February 20, 2009 at 8:38 pm

    i too think it’s a tad bit too much money for a .pdf file. $149 – wow. just too much for me – i would love to have it but not for that price and i’d also like to read testimonies about the book before shelling out that kind of cash. at this moment in my career, i would rather take the money and get Jody’s actions, a new custom blog (which i am) & website. although i do applaud alicia for doing the book. yahoo for you!

  14. anita on February 21, 2009 at 4:28 am

    thanks alicia and jodi for offering this!

  15. Pam on February 21, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    Having owned and operated two businesses in the past, I find that the more educated you are (and I’m not talking a framed degree on the wall) the more successful you will be. I grab onto everything I can that might help my business, which is how I view my photography. There is so much more than taking great shots to have a photo business. You need more information than what f stop to use, or what action to run or what print lab to use. It’s a business. Whether I use it to support my family or not, it is a business, I am a professional, and my clients view my services as being professional. They know my prices and my work up front, so it’s their choice to use me or not. That’s what our country is all about. Freedom of choice.Alicia, thank you for the generous discount offer. I look forward to learning from you. Jodi, thanks for the opportunity to let everyone speak freely here. It’s always nice to have a lively conversation with peers.

  16. Laura Green on February 21, 2009 at 4:20 pm

    It’s a fabulous investment! It brought clarity to all those thoughts swirling around my head as I was trying to get my new prcing set. I’m really happy with my pricing now and it actually makes sense – lol! First sale after the change was incredible – more than paid for the investment in the “Easy As Pie” E-book. Thank you for creating such a great tool!

  17. Wendy Wilson on February 21, 2009 at 9:03 pm

    I did buy this book, while it was alittle pricey it was worth it. Alicia did not write it to tell you how much to charge but to give you guide lines on how to price. If you only believe you are worth $50 (in LA) then so will your clients…as Alicia points out in her book. I am in the start of my business but I personally am glad I made the investment!!

  18. kimbrali on February 21, 2009 at 11:28 pm

    first off i dont think its fair to say something isnt worth its pricetag ( or a ripoff ) when you dont know what the product entails.i am not a workshop junkie, i dont purchase actions and i dont have to own every new lens or toy that hits the market so i dont buy every photography related thing that hits the internet.i am so glad that i bought this ebook though.i live in a very small area with low income families so i cant get away with $80 8x10s but im ok with that.i now have the info. to do the math and figure out what i need to make per session to make it worth my time.the ebook helps you to figure out the right price for YOU. pricing never made sense to me before this. in the past i just picked whatever amount seemed right but now i realize there is a science to it and truly understand what i need to charge to make a living.i know personally i am jealous that some photographers can get away with charging ten times what i do but i realize that its just that… jealousy… and instead of wasting energy on that i should just worry about me and my own business. i think i am worth my $150/$200 session fee and so do the people who hire me and appreciate my work.

  19. Denise Olson on February 22, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    I would have to say, that at time Alicia’s “Easy as Pie” came out, I was getting ready to invest in Sarah Petty’s Cafe Joy. Yes the investment is a lot, but my frustration in determining my pricing was worse, and I knew that if I did not seek some form of help, I would never achieve a substainable profit margin. I have worked for many years prior to my photography business in selling digital imaging equipment to pharma companies. Let me tell you, it was easier for me to sell a $500,000 than a 8×10. alicia’s cookbook has provided me with a formal professional photographers pricing standard that I can now use as a guide and find what works for ME. Other sources for this type of material are far more expensive and are merely fluff most of the time…details are left out leaving reasking, “so how much do I charge??”; …and to receive one on one consult for a couple of hours with some of these other sources…$$$$ – EEK!!!; this source has become my saving grace and has lessened my frustrations. The blog in conjunction with the cookbook are truly well worth the investment!!!! Thanks Alicia!!

  20. sonia on February 23, 2009 at 1:34 am

    Alicia rocks .. she turned my life and approach to business the other way around … her book is beyond inspirational … especially for those like me who are more artists rather than business(wo)man … with a wonderful sense of humor yet dedication to help you on the way .. this book is a must and even joining her blog pays back the moment you do that .. 🙂

  21. andrea d. on February 23, 2009 at 11:56 am

    As a photographer that has been to a few workshops myself, all given by very well known photogs in their own right, I feel the investment I made in the cookbook was worth it’s weight in gold. I probably gained as much if not more from it than the workshops I have attended. I had an established business in a larger city and was trying to break into a much smaller market and really struggled with the pricing. She helped it all make sense and gave me a little confidence in my pricing to boot, all in the comfort of my home and it didn’t take away from my family. Given the current economy I can’t justify leaving my husband and four children to spend upwards of $2000 on the latest and greatest workshop from a photographer that is making most of their profits for the year from said workshops. I don’t charge as much as Alicia does, but my goal is to have my name out there and my business strong so that when the economy turns I will be ready and people will know who I am. This is a business for me and it has to be worth the time it takes away from my family to justify all that I put into it. By the way, I paid less than $100 for the pdf and have seen Alicia give several opportunities to purchase it at a discount, in addition I didn’t even know who she was before I heard about the Cookbook, but after researching her I felt she could have something to offer, and I was right! Thanks Alicia!

  22. Emily on February 23, 2009 at 4:49 pm

    I have personally purchased this book from Alicia and it is full of invaluable information that will help those who are truly passionate about photography. Alicia is a Doll~ Don’t bash the product till you try it!! Love ya Alicia~~~ You are the best!!Easy as Pie is THE BEST

  23. Sara on February 25, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    The information that Alicia shares is invaluable to any photographer. For those that think it’s too much to pay for an eBook…you have to consider the amount of time she spent gathering this information through experience and teaching. If you have the time to mentor 40 photographers and learn all of these lessons the hard way…go for it! But if you value your time and want to be mentored by someone who has “been there, done that”, then buy this! You won’t be sorry.

  24. Ann Montgomery on March 4, 2009 at 12:56 am

    I have to say this is WORTH EVERY PENNY! I never even knew I was under priced until I used her “calculations” and figured out how much I stand to make this year. It is a GREAT book and I feel like my photography business AND life will be forever changed because of it!!!!!!!!!

  25. Des Smock on April 16, 2009 at 10:26 am

    Everyone who sets out to sell a product has to consider how to price that product and to what market it will be targeted – whether it’s cheeseburgers or computers or a 5×7 photo print. This is no simple process, and companies pay thousands of dollars to experts to help position themselves and their products in a place where they are PROFITABLE and where they can sustain that profitability. If you feel your products are priced well and you are earning a good living and maintaining balance in your life, then you don’t need Easy as Pie. I mention ‘balance’ because Alicia & Kristen promote the idea that you can run a profitable business AND still have time for your family life if your products are priced right and marketed well. If paying $149 sounds too high for a pdf, do what I did – print it! I printed out the pages (I think there are nearly 40 pages), had it bound with a clear plastic cover and it sits right next to all my other go-to resources in my office. The calculation formulas helped me save so much time. The discussion board is invaluable as well – highly recommend joining that – 100% focus on effective pricing & building a stronger business. There is a section where photogs post news of how the new pricing strategy has resulted in higher sales (specific examples) – showing that their $149 investment has more than paid for itself in the first post-Easy as Pie sale. You have to be daring enough to believe in the value of your product – the desired end result of implementing Easy as Pie is to launch you into a new, higher paying market. If that is not your desire, if you are happy where you are, you don’t need Easy as Pie.I just have to add one thing – anyone who has not owned a Mac computer might say they are grossly overpriced. I thought so until I bought one. Now I get it. Their prices are not ‘ridiculous’ or ‘wrong’ at all to me now because their product serves my personal needs as a professional. I just don’t think we should judge each other or assign morality to another photographer’s choice of pricing their work. If you try a product and THEN find it to be worth less than what you paid for, that’s a different story. Whether you are just starting out or established as a photographer – if pricing is a challenge for you, Easy as Pie will help.

  26. Ashley on July 29, 2011 at 11:32 am

    I agree with Stephanie on the price of this e book. Its absolutely 100% insane to charge almost $400 for a email transferable file. I realize you are paying for the content of the pdf file… but at the risk of being verbally attacked – I think its crazy that she holds herself at such a high regard to charge EVERY person $350. Its absolutely ridiculous, and should be priced more around $50 if you want my honest opinion. I also talked to 2 photographers online who bought the book and said it was an absolute waste. One of them forgoed getting a prophoto blog to get this book and she said she cried for days realizing what she gave up for this book, which she said is all stuff you can find online.

  27. Chris on January 10, 2012 at 2:56 am

    Ashley, thank you for your comments! Trying to determine even with my education, if this would be worth it…at $350! Obviously, offering 50% off sales twice a year, is the same price she was selling only 2 years ago, at full price. Her profit is huge, I see why she quitted taking photographs!

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