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EasyGimbal is a video stabilizer for your GoPro Hero3 camera


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Michael Althaus and Simon Lebsekal have unveiled EasyGimbal, a tri-axis video camera stabilizer aimed at GoPro Hero3 cameras.

People who like and perform sports also enjoy to capture all the action on video. GoPro has reached impressive levels of popularity, thanks to its small but versatile Hero cameras. Unfortunately, most videos that you see on YouTube, Vimeo, or other sharing websites are full of annoying shakes, as the cameras are not stabilized in any way. If you were looking for a gimbal to steady your Hero, then your quest will come to a halt as Michael Althaus and Simon Lebsekal have the solution for you on Kickstarter: EasyGimbal.

easygimbal EasyGimbal is a video stabilizer for your GoPro Hero3 camera News and Reviews

EasyGimbal is a 3-axis stabilizer aimed at GoPro Hero3 cameras.

EasyGimbal unveiled as a 3-axis stabilizer for GoPro Hero3 action cameras

Capturing smooth videos may be easier than first thought. With the help of EasyGimbal, videographers will be able to record professional-like movies, but for a fraction of the cost.

The stabilizer is only compatible with the GoPro Hero3, so if you want the developers to create a version for another camera, then you should contact them as they are not currently planning to do so.

Either way, the EasyGimbal sports a 3-axis stabilizer. It works with pan, tilt, and roll, thanks to “brushless motors” that keep everything steady, while the demo videos look very promising.

easygimbal-for-gopro EasyGimbal is a video stabilizer for your GoPro Hero3 camera News and Reviews

EasyGimbal for GoPro Hero3 is available for pre-order through Kickstarter for $599.

Developers need your support on Kickstarter to make EasyGimbal happen

The product is not available yet. Michael Althaus and Simon Lebsekal have created Cordvision and they have taken their project to Kickstarter.

EasyGimbal requires $40,000 to be released on the market and the money must be donated via the crowd-funding platform. At the time of writing this article, more than $34,000 have been raised with 19 days to go, therefore the company has a great chance of meeting its goal.

Pledging $599 or more to the cause will get you a black EasyGimbal with a battery and a charger. For $619, you can select a different color, including Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow, or get a Black model with a couple of batteries.

If you want to pick your own color and get two batteries, then you will have to donate $639.

If all goes well, shipping will begin in February 2014

Potential buyers should be aware that the GoPro Hero3 is not included in the deal. You will have to get your own camera, which is available on Amazon for only $199.99.

Moreover, it is worth noting that Michael and Simon are still testing the gimbal. In October, production will start and things will get serious this December. As a result, the mechanism will most likely start shipping as of February 2014.

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