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Mesmerizing photos by Ed Gordeev that look like paintings


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Photographer Eduard Gordeev is capturing amazing photos during rainy days and he is using his creativity in order to make the shots appear as art paintings.

Most people prefer the warmth of the sun and they would rather not leave their homes during rainy days. However, things are different for Eduard Gordeev. It is unclear whether he loves the rain or not, but these occasions are definitely perfect for him to leave the house and to take some amazing photos.

The shots by the St. Petersburg-based photographer are amazingly captured and edited to look like they are paintings. Your eyes may be deceiving you, but we can assure you that these cityscapes are photos, not paintings created by hundred-year-old artists.

Artistic photos that look like paintings by Ed Gordeev

Only people who love the rain will understand the feelings that a city soaked in water droplets can give you. This mesmerizing atmosphere is regularly being captured on camera by photographer Ed Gordeev, who is based in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Whenever it starts to rain, Ed grabs his camera and he starts shooting. However, he does not do that in common fashion. Instead, the artist is trying to create something different, something that ends up looking like an art painting.

Surely, not all of his photos are created like this, but lots of them are made to look like they are painted on canvas or on other materials used by painters. Either way, Ed Gordeev is an artist that deserves a lot of recognition for his stunning photography style.

Mysterious subjects exploring the rainy St. Petersburg

The subjects, often carrying umbrellas to avoid the rain, appear to be walking mysteriously around the city. In the case of St. Petersburg, the amazing architecture also helps to create this amazing feeling, like you live in an European city a hundred years ago.

Nevertheless, the cars will give away the era when these photos were captured. Still, this fact does not take anything out of the eeriness of the photos, while still making you believe like they have been painted.

Ed Gordeev’s acrylic-like photos of rainy cityscapes should serve as an inspiration for beginner photographers who love to explore the urban jungle.

The photographer does not have a personal website, but this amazing “paintings” can be found at his official 500px account. As usual with artists featured on Camyx, prepare to be mesmerized!

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