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Eerie photos of abandoned schools by Chris Luckhardt


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Renowned photographer Chris Luckhardt is travelling around the world in order to capture photos of abandoned schools for a project bearing the same name.

Abandoned places gives you the creeps and even more so when they are institutions, such as schools and hospitals, as these should be the last places to be forgotten in case of apocalyptic events. If they should be the last places to abandon, then there did everybody go?

Chris Luckhardt has always been an adventurer, a photographer that loves to travel and to take photos of mesmerizing or spooky places. This is why he has traveled across the US, Canada, and Japan among many other countries in order to take haunting pictures of abandoned schools.

His project that is detailing these places is obviously called “Abandoned Schools” and it consists of scenes that look like they have been taken out of survival horror games.

Haunting pictures of “Abandoned Schools” remind you why you should be careful during your travels

Abandoned schools have an eerie feeling to them. Some of them have dolls or Teddy bears placed in the front row seats of their auditorium and, for some reason, these toys are always scary. Superstitious urban explorers tend to put dolls in auditoriums as tributes to these fallen places.

The decadence of these places is perfectly documented by artist Chris Luckhardt through photography, but you should refrain yourself from visiting these places if you are faint of heart.

Once they are deserted, buildings will decay rather quickly, but there is one out-of-the-ordinary example from Japan, where the school appears to stay in good shape. Although it has been forgotten decades ago, a school located in the mountains of Japan is staying strong, making you wonder what has been keeping it alive for all this time.

Some details about photographer Chris Luckhardt

The photographer has been adopted while he was young by a couple of “amazing parents”, says Chris Luckhardt. He was raised in the peaceful city of Stratford in Ontario, Canada.

His adventures have taken him across Canada as well as through almost all states in the US. A few years ago, he has begun studying Japanese in order to help him with his journeys through the Asian country.

The creator of the “Abandoned Schools” photo project has also documented the abandoned island of Hashima in Japan as well as the surrounding areas of the Fukushima power plant.

More information about the open-source-lover and guitar-obsessed photographer along with his amazing stories and photos can be found at his website.

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