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Effective marketing tips for photographers


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Photography is your biggest passion and there is nothing you can think of that you could do better. This is why you want more and more people to notice and admire your photographs. And if the recognition reached material levels, that would be perfect, right? So how do you make it as a photographer?

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Win and keep clients close by following these simple marketing tips

First thing’s first: be good!

And by this, I mean be the best that you can be, in your own, unique way. Knowing everything in terms of technique is not always enough. You have to bring something extra. You want your photography to scream your name.
Discover your own style and then learn how to transfer it into your images, by attending seminars or workshops that will help you perfect your skills.

Online portfolio to attract

Before going on client hunts, make sure you have something that can advertise for you. A good personal website to display all your works and projects is a must! It might be the first thing potential clients see, so it must be attractive. Don’t forget to mention it on your business card (you do have a business card, don’t you? if not, get to it!), along with other contact details, such as e-mail or telephone. Once this is done, you can go out and start the hunt.

Door-to-door: always a good start

Look for local events and ask the organizers to allow you to take pictures. While they might not pay you at first, events gather together many people that might be interested in your work. This is where socializing helps. A lot! Take many pictures and hand business cards, while engaging in conversation with the guests at the event. You may never know when somebody might need a photographer for their birthday party and whatnot. Also, both guests and organizers will look at the photos of the event the following days, and if they like what they see, there is a big chance that you will be contacted for future collaborations.

You can also look for partners in online shops. Online retailers, for example, work with the visual a lot, so they need good images to promote their business. Why shouldn’t they call on you to take quality photographs of their products?

The Internet, home for good marketing

Because we’re living in the age of the Online, you want to be active in the virtual spaces. Facebook is one of the most accessible ways in which you can promote your services, so create a page and start posting! Invite your friends to like and share your page, post photos from personal projects and events and don’t forget to tag! Tagging people will ensure visibility on their friends’ news feed, which will then attract them to your page.

Post entertaining things, update your status, keep your page interesting and the people active. Be happy, energetic and never grumpy, to make them want to check your page more and more . You might be surprised to see how many people will share your interesting photos, videos or status updates.

Be grateful to your clients

Once you got hold of a solid client base, you want to make sure that you don’t lose them. Handing small, but heartfelt gifts with the products they paid for, will make them see you as a warm person, rather than a simple provider of services. Knowing that they are dealing with a person they can actually connect to and create a relationship with, will make them recommend you to friends, family and colleagues.

Know your value

It is very important to know how much you are worth. Be confident and don’t be afraid to name the price.
A good tip is to have three packages to offer to you clients. Always present them the most expensive one first, to make sure that they acknowledge the services included and what exactly they receive for that price.

The second, the mid-priced package should be worth what you will want to take home after the shoot. Finally, the third package will be the least expensive, with services that will most probably make the clients reconsider packages number one and two. In most of the cases, they will be inclined to choose the mid-priced package.

Lastly, never give up trying. You might not get a “yes!” on the first try, but keep putting yourself out there. Insist, be confident and be smart. It will always pay in the end.

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