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Heartwarming photos of Elena Shumilova’s sons and their pets


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Russia-based photographer Elena Shumilova captures breathtaking photos of her two boys and the animals that bring joy to their childhood.

We live in a stressful society therefore people are looking for a way to loosen up. Some people like to watch movies, others want to listen to music, while reading is another way to relax for some people.

Nevertheless, a lot of internet users want to drink a cup of coffee by looking at good photos. These folks should look elsewhere right now, as the images captured by Elena Shumilova are not good, actually they are absolutely amazing.

The cuteness of the Russian photographer’s collection will make you go “awe” in an instant, as the subjects are her two boys and the animals enjoying living life to the fullest at their farm.

Photographer Elena Shumilova watches her sons grow through the lens of a DSLR camera

Watching your kids grow is something that couples look forward to all their life and what better way to capture their development other than with the help of a camera?

Elena is currently using a Canon 5D Mark II DSLR camera and a 135mm lens as her daily photographic tools. This passion has sparked in her life at the beginning of 2012 and we are glad it did, as the heartwarming photos of her sons and pets will keep you in front of your computer for a long time.

The boys are living their childhood at a farm where their best friends are their dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, and more.

The artist says that she is all for natural colors and lighting, but she admits to editing photos once the kids are asleep. The diverse weather conditions in Russia allow her to capture different images, which keep their enchantment regardless of setup.

Cuteness overload in amazing portrait photography collection based on “intuition and inspiration”

Photo composition is based solely on her “intuition and inspiration”. Elena says that she enjoys the rural views in her photos, which look even better when used in combination with candle lights and fog, but the changing of the seasons, rain, snow, and street lighting play an important life in her photography, too.

Practicing her painting skills at the Moscow Institute of Architecture has really helped improving her artistic skills, as the images are amazing both visually and technically.

If you want a bigger dose of adorable photography, then you can “taste” this fairy tale-like atmosphere at the photographer’s official 500px account.

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