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Elicar V-HQ 300-600mm f/4.1-5.7 lens to become available soon


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Elicar has announced that its V-HQ 300-600mm f/4.1-5.7 lens will become available over the following weeks for professional outdoor photographers.

Wildlife photography can tend to become a little expensive, but not due to the cameras involved. A lot of professional photographers choose to shoot with APS-C cameras, thanks to their crop factor which provides a bigger focal length, considering the 35mm equivalent. However, they will need super telephoto lenses, which allow them to stay a little farther from the subjects and not disturb the animals’ daily lives.

Elicar has a history of releasing “eccentric” lenses. The Japanese company has developed a lot of optics in this category, including the V-HQ 90mm 1.25X super macro lens, and it is about to take its story to the next level.

elicar-300-600mm-lens Elicar V-HQ 300-600mm f/4.1-5.7 lens to become available soon News and Reviews

Elicar 300-600mm lens is compatible with Canon and Nikon APS-C cameras. It provides a 35mm equivalent of 450-900mm. Its release date is very near, while Pentax K full frame and C/CS mounts are coming soon, too.

Elicar V-HQ 300-600mm f/4.1-5.7 lens release date is nearing

The company has announced that it will resume its business with the help of the Elicar V-HQ 300-600mm f/4.1-5.7 lens sometime in the following weeks.

This is a macro lens with manual focusing support, which is aimed at APS-C cameras from Canon and Nikon. EF-S and DX-format shooters will provide an impressive 35mm equivalent of 450-900mm.

Macro lens can focus on subjects located at a distance of 55cm / 21-inch

Elicar V-HQ 300-600mm f/4.1-5.7 IF ED is a macro lens capable of focusing at merely 55 centimeters / 21 inches. Its minimum aperture stands at f/32, though the maximum aperture is f/4.1 at 300mm focal length.

The optic is made out of 19 elements divided into 16 groups and the aperture consists of 10 blades. Stability should not be a problem, as the V-HQ lens comes packed with a built-in tripod mount.

Elicar to sell  300-600mm macro lens for $12,000 in select markets

The Elicar V-HQ 300-600mm f/4.1-5.7 lens measures 414mm / 16.3-inches in length and 120mm / 4.7-inches in diameter, respectively. Furthermore, its weight circles around 3.75kg / 8.3 pounds.

The Japanese company will begin selling the product soon for a price around $12,000. It is a little pricey, but this is how things become for professional wildlife photographers.

Full frame Pentax K and 16mm movie C / CS-mount versions are in the works, too

Elicar has revealed that some full frame and 16mm movie cameras will support the lens in the near future.

The company will also release the V-HQ 300-600mm macro lens with support for Pentax K and C/CS mounts, respectively. The price should not change, but we will surely be notified if it does.

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