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“Entoptic Phenomena” photo series depicts invisible humans


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Photographer William Hundley is the author of an ethereal, yet somewhat funny photo series, called “Entoptic Phenomena”, that consists of invisible people wrapped in cloth and walking around the world.

When asked about what superpower they prefer, a lot of people tend to go for the ability to fly, while many others will pick invisibility. We will not question the reasoning behind the latter choice, but you have to admit that it would be pretty cool to be able to walk around and scare people without being seen.

Anyway, artist William Hundley has been thinking about this for a while, so he has created a photo series that embraces “absurdism”, a philosophical idea that concerns humanity’s eventual failure in finding the meaning of life and complete understanding of how things work.

There is too much information to go around, so it is impossible for the human mind to know it all or understand it all, hence everything is “absurd”. In addition, this is the idea transmitted by Hundley’s “Entoptic Phenomena” photo series.

“Entoptic Phenomena” photo series reveals invisible humans wrapped in cloth

The artist is based in Austin, Texas and he says that his work has been heavily influenced by Maurizio Cattelan and Erwin Wurm, two popular absurdists.

If people were to be invisible, then one of the ways to see them would be to force them to wear clothes. The shots are surreal, but they do have a dose of humor added to them.

It would be impossible to predict how humans would react to an invisible person. However, William Hundley is trying his best to guess and he is offering some different reactions.

In one shot two people are completely ignoring the invisible person, while in another one the superhuman is “hunted” by photographers.

Another photo that deserves special attention is the one in which a dog is barking at the invisible person, so you could say that being invisible does not mean that you will lose your other traits.

William Hundley borrowed the name from the “entoptic phenomena” visual effect

The “Entoptic Phenomena” photo project’s name comes from the visual effects experienced by humans when objects within the eye become visible.

Sometimes when light hits minuscule objects in the eye at certain angles, they will become visible. This visual effect is called entoptic phenomena and a lot of humans have experienced it during the course of their lives.

This photo series is also based on the idea that everything is a “matter of perspective”, just like the entoptic phenomena. There are no invisible human beings, although this collection is trying to tell us that they are real.

In fact, the artist has made his subjects to jump around wrapped in fabric. Post-processing is a great thing, so William Hundley has photoshopped the subjects out of the pictures, so “Entoptic Phenomena” has been born.

More information as well as more images can be found at the photographer’s official website. Please note that some shots available at Hundley’s website are not suited to be viewed at work, hence it would be better to check them out while at home.

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