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Entry-level Fujifilm X-Trans-less camera coming soon alongside zoom lens


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Sources have dug up more information about the upcoming Fujifilm camera which will not feature an X-Trans image sensor, revealing that the device will be launched alongside a pair of new lenses.

Fujifilm has decided that in 2013 it will tackle more consumer levels, in order to have better chances at increasing both revenue and profit.

entry-level-fujifilm-camera Entry-level Fujifilm X-Trans-less camera coming soon alongside zoom lens Rumors

Fujifilm X100 is rumored to borrow its X-Trans-less image sensor to an entry-level Fujifilm camera, which will be offered with a zoom lens for a price of $550 this summer.

Entry-level Fujifilm mirrorless and X-Trans-less camera will be announced along with a zoom lens this summer

As mirrorless and DSLR camera sales are slowing down, many manufacturers are turning to cheaper, but higher-quality bodies to attract more customers. Fujifilm will do so, too, with the help of two new cameras that will be launched this summer.

One of the cameras will not come packed with the popular X-Trans image sensor. However, sources are saying that the most likely candidate is the APS-C sensor found in the X100, which provides a quality of 12.3-megapixel.

The information goes even further, suggesting that the device will be very cheap at an entry price of just $550 for a lens kit. The bundle would include a 16-50mm or 16-55mm lens, but customers will have access to another kit, that will include a bigger, more expensive optic of unknown focal length.

Even so, the new Fujifilm shooter will be very cheap and it would target entry-level photographers.

Cheap entry-level Fujifilm X-Trans camera coming soon, too

The other camera is the sought-after and long-rumored entry-level Fujifilm X-mount camera. It will feature an X-Trans sensor and it will ship with the recently-launched XF 55-200mm lens. Its price and specs are unknown, but there is proof that the apparatus is coming.

A company representative has given an interview and he has shown the camera to a Swedish blog, which was not allowed to reveal the device to the public. Since then, the post had been taken down, suggesting that the story was not supposed to be out, yet.

Despite all the drawbacks, more information is expected to be leaked soon. Hopefully, the details will also include some specifications, but that remains to be determined.

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