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Entry-level GoPro Hero camera coming alongside Hero4 series


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GoPro is also rumored to introduce an entry-level Hero-series camera, which will be named “Hero”, following the recent rumors regarding the Hero4 action cameras.

The most popular action camera maker, GoPro, is preparing to introduce replacements for the Hero3+ shooters. The new Hero4 cameras will allegedly become official in early October and will consist of the Black and Silver editions.

The Hero3+ will not disappear from the market, as the series will be sold in Silver and White editions. This means that the Black version is gone and will be substituted by the White version.

According to the rumor mill, these are not the only shooters that will be on sale, as a fifth model will join the market. It is called GoPro Hero and it consists of an entry-level model, that will most likely be very cheap.

entry-level-gopro-hero Entry-level GoPro Hero camera coming alongside Hero4 series Rumors

This is the alleged entry-level GoPro Hero camera. It will not record 4K videos and it will not feature WiFi. However, it is said to be very cheap.

Entry-level GoPro Hero action camera to be announced soon

GoPro has recently taken hits in the action camera market because multiple other companies have launched their own models. In order to be competitive, these companies have launched cheaper devices, as the popularity of the Hero cameras is simply hard to beat right now.

The good thing is that GoPro has noticed that people are going for cheaper solutions, so it will introduce its own alternative. It will be referred to as GoPro Hero and will be stripped off of the most important specs found in its siblings.

Sources are reporting that this low-end model will only capture videos at a maximum resolution of full HD and a frame rate of 30fps. Additionally, 720p videos will be supported at 60fps. On the other hand, the new Hero4 will probably capture 4K videos at 30fps.

Additionally, the entry-level unit will not come packed with WiFi or Bluetooth. Users will only be able to transfer files via the SD card. As the Hero4 will have a touchscreen, the simple Hero will not offer such feature.

Built-in waterproof case will allow users to dive deep into the ocean

Among the list of features, GoPro Hero owners will get QuikCapture. When enabled, users will have to press the power button, the camera will turn on and will immediately start recording.

Thrill-seekers will also be able to capture photos. The company will add a Burst Photo option that allows users to record 5-megapixel photos in a continuous shooting mode of 5fps.

A non-removable waterproof casing will allow the camera to withstand depths down to 40 meters / 131 feet. The announcement could occur earlier than October 8, so stay tuned to find out!

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