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Epic photos of a wedding in Iceland by Gabe McClintock


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Photographer Gabe McClintock has captured a set of glorious photos of a wedding taking place on the outskirts of Reykjavik, Iceland.

Couples are dreaming of a perfect wedding. Some are even planning the most important day of their lives years in advance. They cannot afford any setbacks, so every bit of detail must be properly set and no bad surprises must happen.

Ohio-based Sarah and Josh are a couple that match the aforementioned description. First of all, they have decided to get married near their home in Ohio. Then they have chosen Gabe McClintock as their wedding photographer, even though the artist is based in Alberta, Canada.

The couple convinced Gabe to come to Ohio and the photographer agreed. However, as the wedding day was nearing, things were not feeling good. The stress was too much to bear for Sarah and Josh, who realized that this was not what they wanted for the wedding.

After a lot of deliberation, the couple has decided that their wedding must take place in Iceland, regardless of what their families and friends would say. They revealed the “news” to Gabe, who said “yes” rather quickly as he always dreamed of visiting the Scandinavian country. The results cannot be described using simple words, but if it were to choose two, then we would go for “glorious” and “epic”.

Photographer Gabe McClintock reveals stunning photos captured at a wedding in Iceland

A camera is only as good as the person holding it, they say. A top-notch camera does not turn you into a good photographer. However, we have to admit that you stand much better chances at grabbing great photos in beautiful places, such as Iceland.

After getting married, Sarah and Josh have hopped in a car and have driven to the outskirts of Reykjavik. The background proved to be simply amazing with majestic mountains, waterfalls, lava fields, plains, while the clouds have contributed to the project with their dramatic effects.

Gabe McClintock has created a series of amazing photos that will last forever in the memories of the newly-weds. The couple could not have been happier with how things turned out and they can be proud of some of the best wedding photos ever taken.

Sarah, Josh, and their wedding photographer have expressed their delight at the results

Sarah and Josh say that your wedding must be about “you” as a couple. Friends and family are playing an important role in your life, but you are the one getting married, so your wedding day should not be among your list of regrets in life.

These photos are proof of the “raw beauty, timeless class”, and the love between Sarah and Josh, which is something they have had in mind for their dream wedding.

As a piece of advice, the couple says that you should not be spending more money than you have. They consider themselves to be lucky to have traveled to Iceland in order to unite their destinies.

Gabe McClintock is apparently sharing similar feelings, as he is claiming that Iceland has been on his “must visit” list of countries. More photos can be found at the photographer’s official website.

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