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Amazing, ethereal worlds created by artist Erik Johansson


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Photographer Erik Johansson is also a talented retoucher who creates surreal photos of worlds and scenarios that can only exist in one’s rich imagination.

Today’s world of photography includes a large dose of retouching. However, artists are aware that not all editing looks good. Creativity and good-planning are required to create an image that will stick in someone’s mind forever, so it may not be a good idea to go overboard.

On the other hand, there are amazing artists such as Erik Johansson, a photographer who is not capturing moments. In fact, he is capturing ideas and photography is helping him to complete his thoughts in his mind.

The results are pretty overwhelming for the human mind, as they consist of images of surreal worlds that might instill fear in the viewers who are afraid that the nature is reserving an out-of-control future for humanity.

The playful imagination of photographer Erik Johansson leads to surreal photos of impossible scenarios

Erik Johansson loves to explore new places. The photographer spends lots of time shooting outdoors, taking photos of mountains, fields, lakes, waterfalls and nature in general.

The real magic comes when he gets back to his studio. The photos will undergo heavy transformations, but the purpose is not to make the colors more attractive or to add as much saturation as possible. The idea is to turn an ordinary landscape into an ethereal world.

This is why his portfolio consists of a watermill which has been turned into a “land-mill” that is positioned on the edge of a waterfall, which is now a “land-fall”.

About the artist and his personal project

Playing with ideas is something that artists do all the time. Everybody knows what “a message in a bottle is”, but few people have seen a world in a bottle. In one of his photos, Erik Johansson has put a small community inside a bottle floating in the vastness of an ocean.

When you think of a giant diamond, you are imagining something that is not bigger than an olive, for example. However, our artist has a different idea, therefore you do not have to act surprised when you see a diamond the size of a house blazing past an open field.

The photographer has been born in Sweden, but now he is based in Germany. His equipment consists of a Hasselblad H5D-40 medium format camera and a Hasselblad HCD 35-90mm f/4-5.6 lens, while all retouching is done in Photoshop CC.

More photos as well as more details about the Erik Johansson can be found at his personal website.

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