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Eye-Fi Mobi card is here to instantly share photos with mobile devices


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Eye-Fi has launched a new type of WiFi-ready cards, called Mobi, which can instantly share photos and videos taken with your camera to your smartphone or tablet.

Eye-Fi has been creating wireless-compatible SD cards for several years. These products are mainly aimed at cameras which do not have WiFi capabilities, in order to ensure a smooth content transition between devices.

A new generation of wireless cards is here and it promises to deliver improved features when compared to older generations. It has been named Mobi and it is already available for purchase.

eye-fi-mobi-card Eye-Fi Mobi card is here to instantly share photos with mobile devices News and Reviews

Eye-Fi Mobi card can instantly share images and videos to Android or iOS smartphones and tablets by establishing a secure WiFi connection. Users can then edit the files and share them on social networking services.

Eye-Fi Mobi card now available for mobile users who want to edit and share photos instantly

The company has just unveiled its “simplest” card ever, which can be used for instantly sharing photos with Android and iOS devices.

CEO Matt DiMaria says that consumers are retorting to smartphones for their photography-related activities because they can also edit and share images on social networks with ease. This is why his company has decided to provide a way which allows mobile device owners to instantly download the high-quality photos captured with their dedicated cameras.

Eye-Fi’s latest card is compatible with Android and iOS devices

The Eye-Fi Mobi card consists of an SD card, sized at 8GB or 16GB, with WiFi connectivity. It can be easily paired to any Android and iOS smartphone and tablet. Users simply have to install the Eye-Fi application available in their respective stores and then enter a unique 10-digit code found on the card to establish the connection.

After entering the code, the card and the device will be connected. Once the photographer captures a photo, that file will be instantaneously transferred to an iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet.

Eye-Fi Mobi card is available for purchase now

Eye-Fi Mobi card is named like this for a reason, as it can only share content with mobile devices. Its bigger sibling, the Pro X2, can also be used for connecting to a Windows or Mac OS X computer, in order to share RAW files and back them up in the cloud.

This means that the Mobi SD card can only be used for uploading JPEG images. Eye-Fi has confirmed that the cards are already available at select retailers, such as Amazon, for $49.99 and $79.99 for the 8GB version and 16GB model respectively.

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