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Facebook unveils less cluttered News Feed design


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Facebook has announced the News Feed, which consists of a new design for the service, allowing users to see more content and fewer ads.

Facebook has held a press conference at the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California, in order to announce a new look for the news feed. It is called News Feed and it is here to reduce clutter and focus on photos and news that users want to see.

The new look is inspired by Instagram, a service purchased by Facebook last year. Photos will become more prominent in the News Feed, while filters will be more visible, allowing users to easily check the content they want to see at any given moment.

facebook-news-feed-redesign-comparison Facebook unveils less cluttered News Feed design News and Reviews

Facebook has redesigned the News Feed. The new look focuses on photos and is less cluttered.

New Facebook News Feed design announced with less-cluttered look

It is one of the most important redesigns in the company’s history, making everything to appear “brighter and more beautiful”.

The News Feed comes with a new look for photos, news, maps, events, games, and groups categories. Additionally, users can check out people and pages they follow with ease, while a Music feed category has been added, too.

The Music feed consists of posts about the music a user’s friends are listening to, which albums are coming soon, and other recommendations based on the artists a user likes on Facebook.

Facebook has devised an algorithm which automatically reorganizes feed categories depending on which one a user views the most. This means that if you check out the Photos category more, then it will be placed higher than the Friends or Following categories.

Keeping content relevant is the main goal

The Following feed consists of posts from people and pages you follow. It will show every post they put on Facebook. This change came at the request of brands, which have criticized the company for not automatically enabling this feature in the last redesign.

For those who are not familiar with this change, it is worth mentioning that, currently, a user has to specifically select an option in order to receive all updates from a brand / page. Facebook tried to implement a “pay-to-promote”  feature and forced brands to pay a nice sum to appear on people’s timeline, but the decision backfired and lots of users  and brands abandoned the service.

The company announced that the new design is aimed at keeping the content relevant to the users’ needs. Ultimately, Facebook is all about photo sharing and the service needs to go back to its roots.

The News Feed was inspired by Timeline, allowing users to pick a bigger cover photo and to surround it with smaller images.

Moreover, Facebook has admitted that it is looking at new ways of putting sponsored content in the news feed, but it remains to be seen whether users will appreciate the company’s new idea of monetizing the service.

facebook-news-feed-categories Facebook unveils less cluttered News Feed design News and Reviews

New categories have been added to the Facebook News Feed. Users will be able to check only photos or just their brands and people they follow.

Instagram is cannibalizing Facebook

The new Facebook is very Instagram-ish and there is a reason for that. Recent reports showed that the younger audience is moving away towards “cooler” services such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Focusing on photos is a step in the right direction for the world’s biggest social network. Sponsored posts will most likely show up in the brands, following, and pages category, meaning that they will only appear where a user expects them to be, not between vacation photos and images from last night’s concert.

The Facebook News Feed will be gradually rolled out to the users, who can join the waiting list to get the new homepage on their browsers. The new feed will become available on iPhone and iPad browsers in the coming weeks, with Android devices to follow soon.

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