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Facebook Pages: Deciphering the Stats, Part 1


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As a marketer, I not only pay attention to my photography, but my marketing as well. I’m always looking at the stats of my photos and posts on my fan page, and trying to decipher how important they are to me. Did an important post go out? Should I boost it more? What’s the deal with all of these stats anyways? And to the regular Joe who doesn’t market for a living… “What does it mean, 50 people saw my post?”

Pt-1-image1 Facebook Pages: Deciphering the Stats, Part 1 Business Tips Guest Bloggers Social Networking

The Breakdown of Facebook Pages Myths

Facebook is making me pay for my views. My fans don’t even see them anymore. Originally, Facebook made changes that allowed fans to choose what they saw in their news feeds, but by default it took pages out of the feed to stop congestion from pages and keep friends in the feeds. Users who didn’t know that would stop seeing posts from their pages they liked, and page owners saw a decrease in the number of fans seeing their posts.

Soon after, Facebook revealed Mobile News Feed Ads and Massive Logout Page Ads, branding ads as stories and allowing ads to be bought for the logout page of Facebook. For the end user with a fan page, this meant that around 5% of their fans saw their posts, and they were encouraged to promote and “boost” their posts into “stories” for their fan’s (and other select chosen people’s) news feeds, making the consumer purchase just to have their fans see their content, going against the point of having people like the page.

Facebook admits, they are working to raise money. They have said it multiple times now, specifically in their new campaign. So yes, you’re going to have a hard time reaching your fans. The good news is that if your properly promote your images, get your clients to write reviews on your page after sessions, and tag them in their previews, you can do a lot of organic boosting without paying money.

Getting Fans to Notice You

1. There is the method of sharing the screen cap of the settings, asking fans to add you to their newsfeed. Below you can see when MCP Actions Facebook Page did this.  As a test, go to the MCP Page on Facebook (then follow the steps below if you rarely see them in your feed). Let us know in a few days, in the comment section here, if you start seeing our posts in your feed.  So far, tests are not showing this as foolproof.

Screen-Shot-2013-11-02-at-1.43.30-PM Facebook Pages: Deciphering the Stats, Part 1 Business Tips Guest Bloggers Social Networking

2. Interaction. When you see posts from companies or people you want in your news feed, make sure you LIKE, COMMENT, and occasionally SHARE the content. Clicking LIKE, opening photos or albums, sharing, clicking on tags and page names or commenting causes Facebook to show that more often in your newsfeed.

Breakdown – What do all these stats mean?

Pt-1-image2 Facebook Pages: Deciphering the Stats, Part 1 Business Tips Guest Bloggers Social Networking

“373 People Saw This Post.” This shows up when you look at your feed and look at the bottom of your posts. If you hover over it, it also sorts it between organic and paid. It won’t say paid unless you actually have paid reach.

  • Organic: This means that people uniquely saw your particular story, be it a post, a share or a photo, in their newsfeed, their ticker, or from your page.
  • Paid: This means it is an ad, sponsored story, or you boosted the post to pay for views. It can show up in all the normal ways, but you paid for those views to happen.

Check back for our next post in this Facebook Pages Overview, which explains three of the six sections in the Insights overview!

Jenna Schwartz is a boutique newborn and child photographer in Henderson, outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. She also markets for local search with clients, optimizing hundreds of sites a month for organic search results with local search marketing, as well as website creation and design, social media optimization, social media campaigns and management, sales page creation and more. You can find her on Facebook or view her websites for newborns and portraits.


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