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Facebook-shared albums feature begins rolling out to users


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Facebook has announced a new feature for its social networking service that will allow users to share content in the same photo albums.

Like it or not, Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. More than one billion people are using it on a monthly basis, contrary to reports saying that users are moving away to Instagram and other “cooler” web-socializing services.

facebook-shared-albums Facebook-shared albums feature begins rolling out to users News and Reviews

Facebook-shared albums feature has been announced. It allows users to share photos in the same album, allowing their friends to keep up with what happened during the same trip.

Facebook introduces shared albums, allowing up to 50 users to upload photos in the same collection

In order to remain at the top, one needs to push new features to the people who have turned it into something big. Mark Zuckerberg’s company is doing it right now and the latest in a long series tools consists of the new Facebook-shared albums.

If the title does not give it away, then readers should know that Facebook now allows users to share photo albums, so that your friends can bring their own images to your collection.

According to the social network, up to 50 contributors can be chosen to upload up to 200 photos each to a shared album. This means that a single album can now feature a potential of 10,000 pictures, which is a major upgrade from the current limit of one user and 1,000 photographs.

Privacy settings are left to the users’ choice, just like everything else on Facebook

Furthermore, Facebook has confirmed that three privacy settings will be at the users’ disposal. The list of options includes contributors, contributors’ friends, and public, as expected.

The privacy settings can be chosen only by the “creators” of the albums. This is considered the logical move by Bob Baldwin, who is the “creator” of the new feature along with Fred Zhao.

It is worth noting that contributors will retain their rights to edit the photos that they have uploaded.

“Facebook-shared albums” feature is a direct result of a hackaton and user feedback

The pair remembers that their idea has come during a Facebook hackaton, a full week during which employees can come with weird ideas that might turn out useful in the future. However, user feedback has been the one which mattered the most and it appears that this has been a very “requested” feature.

Even if you do not see its potential at first, Facebook says that this feature could be useful after coming back from trips with your friends or family.

For example, if a lot of people were at the same party, then they would have uploaded different photos in different albums and mutual friends would have found it hard to keep track of what happened. Now, all the photos from the same event can be found in the same place.

Facebook gradually “sharing” its shared albums tool to English speakers first

The Facebook-shared albums feature is being gradually rolled out. It will become available for English speakers at first, while the rollout will go global in the near future.

The project’s creators have also confirmed that the 200-photo limit might be expanded, but they will wait for more feedback before making any rush decisions.

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