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Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other apps reach Google Glass


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Google has announced that Glass users have six more apps at their disposal, following the introduction of high-profile services, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr among others.

Google Glass is currently in the development phase. The device is not ready yet to become available on the market. However, an Explorer edition is available for developers and other big names, who are willing to spend $1,500 on it.

google-glass-twitter-app Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other apps reach Google Glass News and Reviews

The new Twitter app for Google Glass can display status updates from specific people.

First 2,000 Google Glasses shipped, 8,000 more to follow soon

At Google I/O 2013 (the Android developer’s conference), the search giant has announced that the first batch of 2,000 units have been sent to their respective owners, while 8,000 more will begin shipping soon.

The company is trying to make Glass a pleasant experience, but users could not do too many things with it. They could browse the web, take pictures, capture videos, share stuff on Google+, but that is pretty much it.

Well, new functionality is available for Google Glasses, as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, CNN, Evernote, and Elle apps have been released for download. The previous applications list has been very thin, containing only Path and The New York Times.

Wearers should be aware that these are not fully-featured apps, which means that their functionality is very limited. Google says that they will never reach full-size, because they have to be developed differently, specially for Glass.

How to make the most of your Glass using the new apps

The Twitter app can be set to show status updates from a specific list of users. They can be transcribed with the help of voice technology. The Facebook app can be used for sharing pictures captured with Glass, while Tumblr can be used for seeing a user’s full feed.

CNN looks promising, too, as wearers can receive updates from a specific topic, like sports. Users can leave out politics or vice versa. The Evernote app can be set to display your grocery list. This is useful when shopping, as the things you need to buy will be in front of you, literally.

Last but not least, the Elle application displays content from the popular magazine and it can also deliver real-time updates.

About those privacy concerns

Google has also decided to stop dodging privacy concern questions during the I/O 2013 conference. The search giant says that the worries are unfounded, since a wearer would have to stare at you to capture your photo or record videos.

The company says that people find it weird and most likely unacceptable when someone stares at them, so it will not be any different when a Glass user is looking at them.

Moreover, all apps are forced to turn the display on, when in use. Developers will not be allowed to turn the display off, so if you see someone staring at you with a spark in his eye, then you will know that he is doing something.

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