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Facebook adding Vine-like Instagram videos on June 20


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Facebook may announce a Vine-like functionality, which will be implemented on Instagram, during the company’s event on June 20.

In recent times, Facebook has been sending out invites to a special launch event on June 20. The company says that it has been working on something big that we would definitely like to see.

instagram-videos-rumor Facebook adding Vine-like Instagram videos on June 20 Rumors

Instagram is rumored to receive support for videos on June 20, as Facebook is aiming to get its stock price back up by competing against Twitter’s Vine.

Facebook to add Vine-like functionality to Instagram as of June 20

There is no chance that another Facebook phone is coming, since the HTC ChaCha has not attracted so much interest, while the more recent HTC First has been described as an “epic disaster” in terms of sales.

According to industry sources, Facebook will announce a service similar to Vine, allowing Instagram users to upload short clips on their favorite social network.

Instagram videos to have up to 10 seconds in length

Facebook has previously confirmed that it is internally testing Vine-like functionality, but there is a long way until its users will get the feature available for Twitter users on Android and iOS.

The company is officially holding an event on June 20 and people familiar with the matter have confirmed that the conference will be dedicated to Instagram.

Instagrammers will be allowed to upload videos longer than five seconds, but shorter than ten seconds. It has not been said whether the new feature will support filters, but since it is related to Instagram, it is fair to assume that people will be able to apply their favorite effects to short films, too, not just to their photos.

Facebook cannot afford Twitter’s Vine to become “too popular”

Vine’s popularity is on the rise. More and more people are using it, while some users are actually getting creative, drawing hundreds of thousands of views or even more. This means that Facebook is in trouble and investors are growing impatient, as the stock price is plunging.

Initially, Twitter’s Vine has been available on iPhone and other iOS devices, but recently it has been released on Android smartphones and tablets. Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 users are left out in the cold, though the former platform has just received an unofficial app, called 6sec.

It remains to be seen whether the rumors are true or not and weather or not all major operating systems will support the Instagram videos.

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