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Back to School with MCP: Register for Fall Editing Classes Now


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Just because you’re not a kid anymore doesn’t mean you can’t focus on learning this time of year. Learn the best ways to use Photoshop & Lightroom and give yourself the gift of time. No more fumbling around wondering what the best way to edit a photo is! You’ll learn  MCP-approved techniques for editing photos efficiently and beautifully!


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Here’s a summary of the classes you can take from us this fall. Click on the links for more information or to register.

  • Beginner’s Bootcamp for Photoshop – $99.95. October 7, 8:30 PM EST.  In this two-hour “Beginner’s Bootcamp” you’ll learn how to get something out of Photoshop. Learn the most essential tools, the interface, and the how to start editing your photos. If you are confused by cropping, scared by layers, and masking makes you want to give up on Photoshop – you need this class! This interactive class will lay a foundation for future Photoshop learning and help you feel more confident with editing.
  • Beginner’s Bootcamp for Lightroom – $99.95. October 9, 8:30 PM EST. If you’re ready to harness all the time saving organization and editing features of Lightroom, you need this class. This two-hour course teaches you how to import, sort and choose the best photos to edit from your shoot.  Learn catalog maintenance and the most essential editing tools.  Solve the mystery of when to export photos, and when and how to integrate Lightroom with Photoshop.
  • Learn to Use Curves in Photoshop – $79.95. October 16, 8:30 PM EST. Curves is one of the most powerful tools in Photoshop. In this class, you will learn how to apply curves to beautifully adjust your images. From adding contrast and depth to brightening and darkening, curves can be the best tool to use in editing your images.
  • Color Fixing in Lightroom – $99.95. October 21, 8:30 PM EST. Learn how to identify proper skintone in Lightroom and how to fix it when it’s not right.
  • Color Fixing in Photoshop – $99.95. October 30, 8:30 PM EST. Getting skin tones just right can often be a difficult, tedious task when editing images. Eliminate the frustration and learn how to fix colors in your photographs once and for all—no more guessing whether you got it right!

All courses are taught by Erin Peloquin. You will connect to the virtual classroom using GoToMeeting and you need a high speed internet connection to participate.

Post in the comments if you have questions!

 Erin Peloquin is Lightroom & Photoshop Elements instructor – and teaches private and group classes at MCP Actions. She also helps MCP create great editing tools for Lightroom & Elements. Her portfolio is at Time in a Camera.


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